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Your thoughts about stress make a huge difference


We all think that stress is bad for us and the reason why is because we´re told time and time again this. We´ve talked before about different types of stress and why we need some of it but actually how we think about stress, even the bad one can make a huge difference.

Today we´re going to focus on the bad type of stress, the one that has a negative impact on our health and it leads to greater problems if it´s chronic.

We´ve been told that stress is terrible for our health, that it makes us sick, you may have heard that 90% of the visit to the doctor are related to stress, and some people go to extremes saying that stress is killing us, I´ve said it some times and I´ve also said that your thought have an impact on your day and life so if we think negatively about stress the results will be more negative.

Stress is actually not that bad if we change our mind about it, if we change the way we think about it. This might sound crazy as I´ve been sharing a lot of stuff on how to lower stress, but the moment I read a book from Kelly McGonigal, PhD everything made more sense. Having strategies that help us reduce stress is really important, but if we look at stress in a different way then we won´t get as stressed out as we normally do and it´s easier to keep it low while getting better results on our daily activities and projects.

We´ve talked before that our body, our emotions and feelings are the response of our thoughts, if we have a negative thought then we will feel negative emotions and our body will respond negatively, if we have positive thoughts we feel positive emotions and our body will respond in a positive way. Have you realize that most of the times you get sick or get an illness comes after a stressful situation? Have you realized that when you are on a positive mood, when you´re happy and enjoying life you are healthier?

We´ve all felt high levels of stress more than once in our lives, we feel our heart rate increasing, we start breathing faster, we get anxious, some of us start sweating or at least we feel hotter and hotter. With all these physical symptoms going on we get more anxious, we lose confidence.

The physical symptoms of stress which we mentioned early, heart rate increases, faster breathing, we start sweating, getting anxious all this can be seen as our body getting ready to face a challenge, our body is increasing energy, it´s increasing flood flow and oxygen, this makes us feel more confident and when we have more confidence and have this mentality the chances of getting a positive outcome are greater. We set ourselves for success instead of failure.

Changing our mind and thoughts about stress is hard, we´ve been told and conditioned to think that stress is bad so when you´re going through a stressful situation with a positive mindset even if you feel stressed you may find it hard to keep those positive thoughts which will make increase stress to some level it, this is normal at the beginning, you´re learning new skill and it will take time to develop this new skills and habits, but still it will be easier for you to lower it and recover from that situation faster.

Life is hard, I´ve mentioned this so many times, we all go through stressful situations and what makes the situation better or worse is how we respond to it, if we are able to stop take a deep breathe remain calm the outcome will be way better, at least we won´t let stress increase so we won´t have that negative impact, but when we change the way we think about stress, the moment we find ourselves in a stressful situation with this new mentality and thoughts we are able to get a better outcome not only for our health, but for the situation also.

How we think about stress sets ourselves for optimal health and success or failure and disease.

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