Harmonize Fitness
Harmonize Fitness

The subconscious mind, how it is controlling your life.

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In the last mindset post we talked about the conscious mind so today we´ll talk about the subconscious mind.

If you´ve been doing visualizations and affirmations and you still don´t get what you want or you aren´t living the life you want yet, you may be thinking that all those exercises of visualizations and affirmations don´t work. Let me tell you something, they do work but the problem lies in your subconscious mind, when you do those exercises you´re concentrating or focusing on your goal in a conscious way for a specific amount of time, it may be a couple of minutes in the morning or at night but for the rest of the day your subconscious is controlling your thoughts, emotions and beliefs and this is the reason why you haven´t achieved your goals.

Our subconscious mind is a huge memory bank, it doesn´t matter how old we are it can remember stuff from kinder garden and many more memories across our entire life but there are some rules or guides to which information will be stored and which we´ll be forgotten. It stores so much information every single day and we can be sure that if it´s something important we won´t forget it.

So with this I think that it´s clear for us that it´s job is to store information and with this it comes a problem, our subconscious will make sure that we act or respond the way we were programmed, that program comes from when we were born and grow up by our family, teachers, friends, school, neighbors it comes from people around us and our environment. When we were growing up our subconscious stored a lot of information and now years later it will make sure that everything we do and say goes according to that information it stored years ago.

This is why we can do visualization and affirmation exercises in the morning and when we get to school or work we will do the same things and follow the same routine, our subconscious is in control of us the problem is that the reason we´re doing affirmations and visualizations is because we want to change something in our lives this means that our subconscious information is not aligned with our goals.

We´ve been running a program which we can call routine and habits which our subconscious mind has stored and memorize for years and this routine keeps us in a comfort zone and every time we want to get out of that comfort zone we feel fear and discomfort because we´re doing something that has nothing to do with the information that our subconscious has stored.

The good point is that the subconscious doesn´t think it only stores information, obeys commands from the conscious and make sure that our reality goes according to its information so what this means is that we can change the information that it has stored so that we get to a point where our subconscious stores the information that we´re giving it through our conscious mind and that our reality aligns with what we want and what our subconscious has stored.

The way to do this is by changing our thoughts consciously over and over until they become part of our subconscious but, when we concentrate on our goal or the thoughts that we want our subconscious to store we need to add emotions to them also we need to do them over and over, it doesn´t matter if we´re visualizing or if we´re making a new healthy choice we need to do it over and over and our brain will try to get us back to our old thoughts and activities, the moment you feel fear or worry or your brain starts sending you all kind of excuses don´t listen, just keep making that new choice and focusing on that new thought, with time your subconscious will give up and store that new information while eliminating the old patterns and this is when you can start changing your life.

This is how new habits are developed by repeating the new choice over and over, it takes time and it won´t be easy but it will be worthy. We can do the same with our thoughts just make sure that the thoughts you want to install in your subconscious are the same, sometimes we keep changing options over and over, take one thought and make it as clear as you can, keep visualizing it and add emotion to it.

It doesn´t matter what we want to accomplish, it doesn´t matter if we want to achieve a fitness goal, get a better job or completely change our life we need to have our conscious and subconscious mind working together in harmony, we need to take control of both of them and exercise them the same way we exercise our muscles. We need to install new thoughts on our subconscious and the way to do it is by being aware and conscious of our thoughts.

One simple exercise you can start doing today,

1.- Take a goal you want to achieve, be clear and sure of that goal,

2.- Create an image on your mind of what you look, or how your life looks like once you´ve already achieved your goal and visualize this image on a visualization exercise,

3.- The rest of the day pay attention to the thoughts on your mind and make sure that all of them go according to your goal, make sure those thoughts are positive.

Try to be aware of your thoughts the entire day, the more you think a certain thought the faster it will become part of your subconscious. Being present is key if we want to be able to take control of our mind.

The subconscious mind.

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