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Yes! There are different types of stress

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If you are stressed out because you got an important meeting today or you have an important event is not the same type of stressed than the one you live every day when you wake up and it´s getting late for school or work or when you get worried about the bills or when you go to the gym or take some time to exercise. There are different types of stress and to learn how to manage it you need to understand each first.

The 5 principles of fitness are crucial to help us achieve any fitness goal and for overall health, stress is one of them and it has become a cause of different health problems nowadays.

Before we can talk about all the negative impacts of stress and what we can do to lower it we need to now that there are different types of stress and we need to understand each and know how to identify it so that we can act the best way possible and learn that not all stress is bad.

There are 3 types of stress which are: Acute stress, Episodic acute stress and Chronic stress.


Have you ever ridden a roller coaster or practices a crazy sport? That experience or feeling is acute stress, it is short but intense. An exam or job interview can also cause this type of stress. Our body reacts to these threatening and challenging situations but after the challenge is complete our body returns to its calm state. This one is short term and all of us can experience it on a daily basis. We need this type of stress.


This one is when acute stress happens very frequently, people with this type of stress tend to be very negative in every aspect of life, everything that could go wrong always go wrong. They tend to take more responsibilities than they can handle keeping acute stress high. They are anxious, angry, sometimes aggressive, impatience and it can be hard to deal with them, they´re always the victims of their circumstances instead of wondering why all these things happen to them.  The biggest problem with them is that they don´t realize they have a problem, they´ve learnt to make this type of stress as part of their lives so for them it´s normal.


When stress continues for long periods of times it becomes chronic stress, it comes from constant demands of pressure every single day in school, jobs, families. this type of stress is so unhealthy that it can destroy our mind and body. When people feel so drowned in so many problems and they got to a point where they get overwhelmed and stop thinking about solutions, they just give up and surrender to stress, the biggest problem with this is that people get used to it, most of us live our lives with chronic stress and we don´t even know it´s there, we think it´s how we´re supposed to live and this type of stress is the cause of biggest health and mental problems that can end in suicide.

Stress can be really bad having a negative impact on your physical and mental health and there´s also good stress that can have a positive impact on your life if you know how to use it. The level or type of stress determines how you need to act or respond, in many cases you are able to follow tools that can help you lower it but there can be cases or situations where you need to talk to a professional if things have gone too far.

Stress is a response to any experience and the level of it goes according to the experience or situation you lived and how you are able to cope with it, we all take every situation in very different ways and they all affect us in different degrees, you need to consider this so that we know how to respond and even be prepared for any situation.

The best thing you can do is know how to respond in every situation without getting stressed, remaining calm and being optimistic not only help you respond better during stressful situations and keep stress low but also help make better choices with lead to better results. Some steps you can take to respond better in stressful situations are:

1.- Do not take things too seriously,

2.- Take some deep breathes and focus on your breathe going in and out,

3.- Visualize the positive outcome or result,

In many occasions we take things too seriously and this only makes things worse, how many times have you created or increased any negative or stressful situation just by overreacting when in reality it wasn´t a big deal? The 3 steps I share here can have a huge impact on your day if you remember to follow them, the next time you find yourself on a stressful situation just remember to calm down, take some deep breathes  and think of a positive outcome. Just by calming down and breathing you´ll be able to think better and make a better choice.

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