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Work hard and smart

26 How to set goals and achieve them

Working hard is just half of the puzzle, you need to work smart, knowing what you´re doing and why you´re doing it is highly important.

You can work as hard as you can but if you´re not working right you may be headed on the wrong direction, having a clear goal or target is the first step, then knowing what you need to do to hit that goal and creating an action plan with the proper tools that are going to lead you to your goal is working smart.

You need a plan that´s going to lead you to where you want to go, otherwise you´re just wasting time and energy and in times like the ones we´re living now where we want results as fast possible you need to be sure that all the hard work is going to give you the results you want.

Yes it´s possible to get amazing results and to get them as fast possible if you work hard and if you work smart, working smart means that you have a plan or program based on the best tools to achieve your goal, working hard means that you put in the effort and intensity needed on your workouts and you make healthier choices for your diet.

To work smart you need the right information and what works best for you, there are different tools or strategies you can use for cardio and resistance training and for your diet, any of this tools will not give the same results to two people, our bodies respond different to macro nutrients ratios and exercising so it´s important that you know how your body responds and what works best for you so that you can design a program for your specific goals.

Changing your routine or adding some variation to your workouts will keep the workouts challenging but you need to know when and how to add variation so that this changes don´t affect your progress. There´s so much information out there and it becomes hard to know what´s right and wrong, I´m sharing with you the right and most effective and efficient tools you can use to get to your goals, but do your research and try out by yourself every single tool I share, it´s the only way you´ll learn and understand how things work.

Information applied is power, that´s where you get the knowledge you need to change your body, to change your life and to help people around you. It´s the only way to work smart, to know that you´re doing the right thing that will lead you to your goal.

Don´t stick with what you read in one place or what someone told you, do the research, read as much as you can then apply what you read. You need to be careful with what information you try by yourself because there are so many myths and wrong information that can have negative effects.

Never stop learning, exercise and nutrition are key for living healthier, knowing how to fit both of them into your lifestyle with the freedom to enjoy and have great times requires discipline in the beginning.  If you work smart, if you know what you´re doing your results will come.

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