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With so many weight loss programs why obesity is still a huge problem?


If you´re trying to lose weight and you´ve searched the internet you may have found so many different programs from brands or fitness experts like Weight Watchers, Beach Body and many more. All of them claiming to be the best weight loss programs that will give you results a lot faster. If all this program work why obesity and overweight is still a huge problem?

There are several reasons why, first we need to mention that this programs focus on giving you results fast which create a lot of problems on the long term and it´s hard and almost impossible to maintain your results.

Here we need to talk about diet and exercise which almost all weight loss programs come with a plan for each. Lets start with diet. Most of us have an idea of what a weight loss diet should be, veggies or salads, some boiled rice and a small portion of lean protein like chicken, you can have small portions of fruit, maybe some oatmeal. The important point is that you count calories or points and don´t exceed certain amount. The problem with this is that your body needs certain nutrients to function as best as possible, this nutrients include fatty-acids, amino-acids, vitamins and minerals. If you only focus on calories you´re not considering nutrients and you may be deficient in some nutrients and they can make your weight loss harder, the worse problem with this calorie strategy is that they create the programs based on the most famous advice we all know “eat less – move more”. I´m sure you´ve tried it before and you failed, and there´s a reason for that and it´s not your fault.

Sustainable weight loss is not about eating less and moving more, it´s about hormones and metabolism, this diets created to help you lose as much weight as possible by focusing on calories where you need to eat really small meals do more harm to your body, they impact your metabolism in a negative way and don’t consider the hormones this leads to yo-yo dieting because the moment you stop the diet you start gaining the weight back. For some of us it may take more time to gain back the weight for some less but in a couple of years we gained all the weight back and more.

Now lets talk about exercise, most programs focus on a lot of cardio whether it´s long sessions of steady state or some HIIT routines that are like hell. I´ve mentioned before on other posts that cardio is not the best way to lose fat, it´s beneficial and can help you achieve your goals faster if you do it correctly which is not what those programs do. Too much cardio lead to muscle loss and makes it harder to lose weight because of the adaptation and the signal it sends.

I mentioned in other post that cardio and resistance send different signals to your body (click here to read that post), cardio tells your body to be more efficient at that activity, with cardio you improve your endurance and for that muscle mass is not needed it can actually block your progress so you start losing body mass because you don´t need it for that activity and every time you need to do more and more cardio just to maintain your weight otherwise you start gaining it back.

Those weight loss programs put together the most common strategies to lose weight fast without considering your health and long term success. Yes, if you eat less and move more you´ll lose weight with any program, the problem comes later when you get off the diet, it only takes some months or years until you regain the weight.

The biggest mistake is this: It´s not about losing weight fast, it´s about losing weight at a sustainable pace that gives you the freedom you need while developing the habits needed to make that weight loss sustainable. The only way to do this is by focusing on hormones and metabolism, when you start following strategies so that your hormones and metabolism work efficiently, hunger and cravings start to decrease and you feel less tired, you start feeling more energy, more motivated and is easier to follow a diet, with time you see that you can still enjoy your favorite dishes, desserts and snacks and you find yourself making healthier and better choices 80% to 90% of the time without effort. So you enjoy life a lot more. This is the place you want to get. This is our goal to help you get to that place.

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