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Why your goal must be to improve body composition.


If you want to lose weight and get in shape once and for all, if you want to get a lean body and be able to sustain the results in a simple and enjoyable way then you need to think of your goal as improving body composition.

Probably you´ve heard many people talk about losing weight but how many people have you heard talk about improving body composition?

If you´ve been trying to lose weight for some time then you may had followed some weight loss programs and they may had given you some results but the problem comes later, it´s not sustainable so you gained some weight back or you´re working so hard to maintain the results. This is what happens when you only focus on losing weight fast and that´s not what we want.

Weight loss is a very common goal but it´s not correct, you think that we need to exercise for one hour or more 5 to 6 days a week and finish each workout drenched in sweat, so tired and wake up the next morning sore plus you need to eliminate all foods you love and eat chicken, broccoli and rice, over and over.

This is how must weight loss program are designed, to help you lose as much weight as possible as fast as possible but this is not the right or healthiest way to do it, it actually cause a lot of health problems which is why it is so hard to sustain your results.

Most of us when we decided to lose weight, we do it because of health issues or insecurities, maybe we don´t feel good about our body and the way we look, or people made fun of us. In any case the goal is to get in our best shape, sustain it and be healthier; not precisely lose weight.

Improving body composition most be the primarily goal in fitness. Body composition means that you have the optimal amount of muscle mass and the optimal amount of body fat, the numbers of what is optimal varies from person to person according to your height, age, sex, etc; and also the type of physique you want to achieve.

Your goal is to get a physique that looks great with the right proportion of muscle mass and body fat but also you want to focus on health, it´s not only about looking great physically is also about feeling great so that you can perform at your best in all your daily activities, health is a priority.

Improving body composition means that you´ll be losing body fat and increasing muscle mass. In some cases, especially in people who are out of shape is possible to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. In other cases, it´s harder to do but it can be done, in this cases it is better to focus on losing fat while maintaining muscle mass first and then gain muscle while staying lean.

The benefits of improving body composition are to stay in a healthy weight with the right proportion of muscle and fat to look lean, toned, muscular and athletic.

We all know that obesity and overweight are dangerous but excess weight whether it´s body fat or muscle tissue is unhealthy and can cause health problems, with excess weight your body needs to work harder for even the normal functions to keep you alive, it takes a lot more effort for your body to pump blood and oxygen  throughout the body this are some of the negative effects.

Improving body composition is key to getting in amazing shape and sustain your results, if you do it the right way it´s easy to maintain. You don´t want to lose weight, you want to lose fat and maintain or build lean muscle mass so you need to train the right way to give your body the stimulus it needs for muscle growth or to maintain muscle but this doesn´t mean that you are going to get big it will build a lean and toned physique which looks great otherwise you´ll end up being skinny which doesn´t look sexy or attractive and is not healthy either.

Cardiovascular and resistance training are both important for health and to improve body composition, we´ll see in later posts how we can use them to achieve your goals and the benefits of both.

If your goal is to get in shape or build and amazing physique, live healthy so that you can live your best life possible you don´t need to overcomplicate things, by keeping everything simple and stick with the basics you´ll get amazing results, if you want to compete in any sport then you need to pay more attention to all 5 principles of fitness and adjust them to fit your goal and your life.

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