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Harmonize Fitness

Why you need to focus on improving your health if you want to lose weight.


How many times have you tried to lose weight before? Did you achieve your goal? Did you get the results you were expecting? Were you able to maintain your results or did you gain all the weight back?

Since weight loss is a very common goal for multiple reasons, whether it´s health issues or insecurities then you can find so many different weight loss programs, fitness experts and gurus each of them claiming that their program is the best one but, unfortunately they work with the same strategy “eat less – move more” for them it´s all about calories “calories in – calories out” and they make sure that you get results if you follow this strategy.

We can´t deny that any weight loss program that reduce calories by making you eat less and that increase physical activity will give you results as long as you´re following the program, the problem is that all this programs are not sustainable and when you stop following them it only takes weeks and months to start gaining the weight back and in a couple of years you´ve gained all the weight back and even more.

Weight loss is not as simple as eat less and move more, there are reasons why you are not able to lose weight and keep it off, there are reasons why you keep over eating and you can´t stop the cravings, your weight is a result or symptom that there´s something going wrong in your body, your weight is not only the result of eating more and moving less, it´s the result of hormones and metabolism not working properly.

Hormones like leptin, ghrelin, insulin, cortisol they all play a huge role on maintaining your levels of hunger, on fat burning or storing fat and your metabolism also plays a huge role on all the chemical process going on. All systems and hormones in your body need to be working properly and in harmony. The way to do this is by improving your health, we can say that your weight is the result of health issues, some systems and hormones in your body are not working properly and they´re not working in harmony, they´re out of balance even if you don´t feel sick or you don´t have any chronic or severe health problem.

When you focus on improving your health first then weight loss becomes really simple, easy, enjoyable and sustainable. If your body is healthy and working efficiently then it gets really simple to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight considering body composition. When all hormones and metabolism are working properly and in harmony they´re all doing their job you don´t need to focus on losing weight, you don´t need to force your body by following strict low calorie diets and add more stress doing crazy exercise routines.

There´s no reason to want to lose weight as fast as possible while having other health issues that won´t let us enjoy our life as much as possible and it doesn´t make sense if we think about our weight as a result of our health. Health always comes first, and the weight loss and sustainable healthy weight will follow.

The reason health comes first is because to lose weight you do need to eat less and move more and the only way you´ll be able to eat less is when all hormones and metabolism are working properly and in harmony so you don´t feel hungry all the time, you feel satisfied when you eat, and your levels of satiety and hunger are balanced.

The steps you need to take to improve your health also improve your hormones and metabolism making sure they all work properly and in harmony and you´ll start losing weight so even when there are some changes you need to do and develop good healthy habits those changes will benefit you in so many ways. You´ll be improving your health and losing weight at the same time. It´s hard to develop good healthy habits, the beginning and middle part of the journey are tough but once you get through the first weeks you´ll find it easier and easier.

There are certain habits and changes you need to make to improve your health and lose weight once and for all and there are some steps you can follow to make it easier to develop the habits you need. We´re going to talk about this on future posts, but if there´s something you want to know more about or you have any doubts and questions leave them down below and on Twitter, we´ll be glad to read from you and help you.

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