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Why you need to create urgency


Does having a sense of urgency makes you feel anxious and increase stress or does it help you get things done?

For some of us the sense of urgency can lead to stress and we tend to avoid it as much as possible but if we create and maintain a sense of urgency it helps us get things done and in most cases the end result is great.

With so many distractions nowadays, we can all have great ideas but the one thing that separate successful people is their sense of action, getting things done quickly and with amazing results. In times where we can literally achieve any goal because we have access too so much information and technology what will set us apart is how able we are to take action on our ideas and goals. It´s all about high performance and high productivity.

Urgency helps us finish projects and achieve great results because it increases our ability to concentrate and what we´re doing, when we are able to concentrate on our project and we focus all our energy and attention on it we for a certain period of time we get to a state called “flow”, when we´re in this state is like being on a magical place where everything seems to work more easily, ideas come more easily to us, we feel more energetic and  positive and all this improves our productivity and performance which leads to great results in shorter periods of time.

The way to achieve this sense of urgency and be able to get into the “flow” state is by having an inner desire of getting a project or activity get done fast as best as possible. You may get obsessed with the result or the end goal that you want to get there as fast as possible so you take action and keep working for as long as you need until you get the job done. The more time you spend working on that activity or project the more you get into that “flow” state that makes it really hard to take your attention away from it and ideas keep flowing, productivity and performance keep increasing.

For some of us creating urgency and achieving this state is so hard because we need to go through a series of steps especially if we´re working on a goal or project in which we need to learn new skill s to get the job done. In these cases there are some steps we need to go through to learn those new skills that will make the journey boring, tedious and some times stressful, it´s in this steps that most people give up but it´s a crucial step that we need to go through if we want to get to that “flow” state. In the “flow” state we already have the knowledge and skills needed for the project or activity and it´s about applying those skills and knowledge in creative ways.

Creating a sense of urgency is wanting to finish an activity, a project or goal as fast as possible with the best results possible, for this we require some motivation this motivation may be wanting to see the end result, achieving a huge goal that really moves us and being able to see the activity, project or goal finished.

Developing the habit of taking action and consistency are key to get to the “flow” state and also develop insane concentration, if you get distracted easily you´ll never be able to get to this state and this is also why it is so hard for some of us to achieve it. Most of us are not able to maintain insane concentration for long periods of time and it gets worse if we need to learn new skills making it harder to maintain concentration because the process of learning is boring, tedious and stressful.

I need to mention that it´s easier to get into this “flow” state when you love the activity or project you´re working on, if you want to get to this state doing something you don´t like it can lead to stress.

The best step you can take to improve and develop insane concentration, consistency and being able to get to that “flow” state is to take action, turn off your cell phone or at least turn off all notifications and close all social media on your computer, laptop or the device you´re working on. Choose and activity or project you´ve been leaving for later and start working on it, do not let anything distract you from what you´re doing. If you need to learn new skills then focus on that one activity for 50 minutes straight, without distractions and then take 10 minutes rest.

Do this exercise consistently for one week and let us know by leaving a comment on our Facebook and Twitter account if you saw any improvements in your ability to work on one activity for longer without distraction and if your performance and productivity increased.

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