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Why you need a morning routine


How you start your day, what you do every morning right when you wake up and the first hour sets the pace and mood for your entire day.

If there´s something you can do that will improve your day is creating routines, there are activities we do every day and those activities can help us be more productive the entire day or they can ruin it completely. Having a morning routine is one of those routines you need to make sure is set properly.

A good morning routine will set your mindset and mood for success. If you want to be more productive, if you want to make sure that every day is as best as possible then a morning routine is key.

For some of us having a morning routine seems so selfish because it´s all about us, but we do need to be a little selfish every day and make sure we´re having enough time for ourselves so that we can give the best of us. A morning routine that centers on self-care and is designed to make you feel good will boost your focus and productivity for the entire day.

Do not hit the snooze button, it will make it harder for you to wake up and get up from bed in a positive mood and state of mind. Every time you hit that snooze button thinking about 5 more minutes and I wake up, that´s the moment you´re starting your day in the wrong way.

After waking up what you do depends of the time you´re waking up, if it´s still dark then making your bed is the a create start, then use the bathroom, wash your teeth, have breakfast, or you can get ready and go for a walk.

If you wake up later the best thing you can do right after you wake up is open the curtains, you want to get direct sunlight first thing in the morning to help your body keep your circadian rhythm in harmony so that it´s easier for you to fall asleep faster at night and it also makes it easier to wake up.

Exercising in the morning is a great way to improve your mood, it doesn´t need to be an intense workout, it can be a 15 minutes walk, if you´re not one of those who love exercising your only goal here is to keep your body moving as soon as possible you will burn some calories and also improves your mood, you can use that walk as a form of meditation to get center and self-aware. Take that time to be aware of your thought, everything that is going on in your mind and also how you feel, if there´s something negative and bothering you ask yourself if there´s something you can do about it, if it´s going to have a huge impact on a week from now or a month from now. If it´s not going to have a huge impact then stop worrying about it, and if there´s nothing you can do also try to stop worrying.

Make sure that your morning routine includes:

  • making your bed,
  • getting direct sunlight
  • doing some kind of physical activity
  • meditation

This points to consider may seem so simple but they are crucial, by making your bed you get a sense of accomplishment that sets you up with a success mentality for any other activities you need to accomplish throughout the day. When you get direct sunlight in the morning you make sure your circadian rhythm is working in harmony with the environment which makes it easier to fall asleep faster at night and it also keep all hormones and systems in your body working efficiently. By doing some physical activity you get your body moving which gets your blood and oxygen flowing through your body and also improves your mood. With meditation the goal is to be aware of everything that´s going on in your mind, all your thoughts and how you feel and let go of all the negative thoughts and feelings that don´t serve you.

Realize that social media is not part of a good morning routine, checking your email, social media or watching or listening to the news is not a good part of a morning routine, you can do that after you´re done the 4 essential points. Your morning routine is meant to help you set your mind and mood right for a great day so there´s no reason why you want to set your day on the wrong direction by checking you email or twitter.

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