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Why we dream?


What did you dream last night? Do you remember most of your dreams or are you one of those who rarely remember? We all have dreams while we still, some of us are able to remember those dreams and others don´t but what those dreaming really means?

Some people belief that our dreams are like signals of what´s to come in the future and expressions of our fears, worries, insecurities and reminders of past memories.

Sometimes we wake up so fascinated about our dream or afraid of it if we had a nightmare, we´re so curious and some people get obsessed trying to find the meaning about dreams and the reason why we had a certain dream.

We´ve seen in past posts that there are so many things going on while we sleep, and there´s so much activity going on in the brain and there´s not an answer to why we dream or what´s the real meaning of those dreams. We know that most of our dreams occur during REM sleep but this doesn´t tell anything about the reason why we dream and the meaning of them.

When you´re dreaming it´s so real, you are able to feel the emotions until you wake up and realize you were dreaming, sometimes you love the dream so much that you want to fall asleep and continue with that dream which in some occasions this doesn´t happen and there are times when you´re having a nightmare and you wake up, you´re so scared and you don´t want to fall asleep, once we fall asleep that same nightmare continues and you´re terrified. There are some dreams that had a big impact on us, and we can remember them even a few years later.

There are some theories about why we dream and one of them is that as we saw in past post during sleep our brain go through a series of processes, one of them is to analyze information, if it´s important it will store it on certain regions of the brain while irrelevant information is deleted, maybe our brain is trying to find meaning to the tone of information we got throughout the day, it may also be a way to help us process certain emotions especially those days when we were highly stressed or went through a though situation. This theory makes sense because your brain needs to find a way to help you make sense of all the experiences and situations you go through and also find ways to analyze and decide which information is important and needs to be stored and which one can be deleted.

There are some dreams that you´ve all dreamed like the feeling of falling and this may be the reason why there are books and sites on the meaning of dreams but since there´s still so much research left to do and there are no real answers I don´t believe all those meanings are true.

The science of dreams is fascinating and as many other topics regarding health there are still so many questions and not enough answers. What I found fascinating about dreams is that they may reveal solutions to some problem you´ve been working so hard on and these solutions may seem like so logic and effortless. From those dreams you can get so many creative ideas you can use on your daily activities. There are so many successful people from musicians, painters, businesspeople that talk about how they get an idea for the project they´re working on or an idea for a new project or the solution to a problem in their dreams. Others talk about how they had a dream and when they woke up started to analyze it and try to understand it and that´s how they come up with some new ideas or solutions.

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