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Why we can´t stop craving sweets


It´s hard to stop eating junk food and sometimes it seems that those cravings for sweets, junk and fast food won´t go away. All those foods high in sugars, trans fats and chemicals have the same effect on your body and brain as alcohol does, they turn on the pleasure respond on your brain making you addicted to them.

This foods high in sugars and fats make you addicted to them and create a habit which is why sometimes you find yourself eating them without making a conscious decision and with this foods your cravings will continue over and over.

What would you think if I tell you that your will power may not be strong enough because of the effects this foods have on your brain? This is why I said in later posts that if you´re dealing with obesity or overweight it´s not your fault but you are in control and you can make the choice right now of changing your life, this is also why it won´t be easy.

The more you eat this foods the more you´ll crave them, some years ago kids were not allowed to eat unhealthy foods unless they had finished their meal and the amount of unhealthy food we were allowed to eat per day was small. Children nowadays eat a lot of sweets, junk and processed foods, the amount of sugar and fats they´re consuming is terribly high and people is now considering ADHD, hyperactivity as diseases controlling them with drugs and most of the time this reactions are caused by foods, by high amounts of sugar.

There are so many people arguing about which diet is better, is it better high carbohydrate? high protein? high fat? it´s better vegetarian or vegan? this makes no sense to me when as far as I can see the biggest problem is in junk, highly processed and fast food. If you are not able to avoid all this foods there´s no reason to try different diets, first focus on avoiding unhealthy foods, once you do that then you can start manipulating your nutrition program to make it better for you, if you need to reduce carbohydrates you can do it, if you need more protein increase it, if you need more fat increase it but always consider your health as a priority.

Yes weight loss is simple and yes it´s simple to sustain those results if you develop the habits you need which is the difficult part. Your brain has been programmed to keep consuming those unhealthy foods, that give your brain that sense of pleasure and make you feel good and relax when you eat them. This short term positive effect on your brain which is a long term harmful habit creates a battle you need to fight when you want to lose weight.

This is the reason why developing the right mindset is key to achieving results and not giving up half the way, this is why you need to take enough time to develop the habits that are going to make almost effortless for you to sustain your results.

When you start changing your food choices to develop healthy habits you will have cravings, you will have the sensation or the “necessity” to have those foods, try to avoid them as much as you can, I know it´s hard but don´t let your mind trick you thinking that you really need those foods and end eating them.

With time your body will adapt, when you start giving nutrients to your body it will also send you signals telling you that it´s enough, you´ll feel full and satisfied, you´ll know when enough is enough. At this point where you´ve change your nutrition program and now it´s based on real healthy foods it´s almost impossible to keep eating that much food, you´ll feel full and satisfied and whenever you have cravings it´s your body telling you that some nutrient is low.

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