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Why the scale is making your fat loss journey harder

06 Dont get obsessed with the scale

Most people who want to lose weight get to a point where they get obsessed with calories and the scale, that obsession get to a point where they need to count every single food they´re eating even the tiny small pieces in the plate and they weight themselves every day. This is making it harder for them to get to their goals in a mental and emotional way.

The scale is not the best tool to measure your progress because it is not accurate, we´ve talked before that our goal is to improve body composition meaning lose fat and gain or maintain muscle mass. The scale don´t consider this.

Most nutritionist and dietitians focused on height and weight to tell you what´s correct and the weight goal you are aiming for but this is based on incomplete information this is what happens when people only focus on BMI or body mass index.

If we take two people one of them is an athlete and the other doesn´t do any physical activity or we can take a bodybuilder and an overweight guys their BMI can be the same but as you can see they look different, the athlete and bodybuilder look lean, toned and with more muscle while the overweight and the person that doesn´t do any physical activity has more fat.

Your total weight needs to consider fat percentage and muscle, when we talk about fat we need to know that there´s one type of fat that is increases risk of many health problems, this is the fat that we can´t see that is around our organs, nowadays there are machines that can scan our entire body and give a more accurate weight with all the information, body fat percentage, muscle mass and the amount of fat around our belly.

As I´ve said in other posts, excess weight being from fat or muscle can cause several health problems because the body needs to work a lot more, your heart, lungs and other systems in your body need to double their work and effort.

The whole idea of improving body composition is to take as much information as possible into account to make sure that your weight goal is healthy for you. Information like gender, age, height, lean body mass percentage and body fat percentage at least are required so the scale won´t help with this.

Some of the tests you that give you all this information are expensive so one of the best tools you can use is the mirror and how your clothes fit. You can use the scale here just to have an idea, even if the scale remains the same you can look in the mirror and see your body changing.

Many people, specially girls who want to lose weight as fast as possible  only focus on the scale, if they don´t see the results they want to see and the scale moving the way they want they get discourage and in some cases they change the program and start different programs without giving enough time to see results, in other cases they give up thinking that they can´t lose weight.

It takes time to get in shape and there´ll be times that the scale doesn´t show what you want to see but you need to consider that you may have lose some fat and gain muscle so you may look leaner even when you are weighting the same.

If you get stock in the negative numbers of the scale you´re blocking your progress mentally and emotional making everything harder than it really is. It is important that you choose one program and stick to it for a certain period of time at least you need 1 month to know if that program is right or if you need to make some changes to it.

If the program is based on resistance training 3 to 4 days per week and 2 or 3 days of cardio chances are you´ll get amazing results.

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