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Harmonize Fitness

Why the most common weight loss advice doesn´t work.


You´ve been trying to lose weight in several occasions, you´ve searched and asked for the best workout program and diet to achieve your goal and everyone gives you the same advice: “eat less – move more” even when they don’t say it in this direct way you need to follow strict low calorie diets and do long and boring sessions of cardio or do short but intense sessions of HIIT.

You follow this advice even when it´s so hard for you to stop eating because you feel hungry all the time and you exercise even when you feel tired and your body hurts. You do everything as best as you can, but you don´t get the results you were expecting and if you get some results you gain all the weight back in a couple of months or years. You end up feeling disappointed, overwhelmed, and confused.

Most weight loss programs follow this most common advice “eat less – move more” they just focus on the calories in vs calories out strategy and even when this has it´s part on the weight loss formula it´s incomplete and it´s not the most important point to consider at the beginning.

It´s rude and disrespectful from my part to tell you that you just need to eat less and do more physical activity because you do know that. You do understand that you are making the wrong food choices, you know you are eating unhealthy foods and you know you need to exercise, but you can´t stop over eating, you can´t stop eating unhealthy foods and you can´t get up and exercise. You feel hungry all the time, you feel tired, you feel sad, depressed, your body hurts.

Weight loss is not only about calories, it´s about hormones and metabolism this is why the “eat less – move more” advice doesn´t work. If your body is not working properly you won´t be able to eat less and move more. You need to focus on fixing all the problems with your hormones and metabolism first so that you are able to eat a little less and do more physical activity to lose weight and make that weight loss sustainable in an enjoyable way. You also need to have the freedom to enjoy life.

Any program that only focuses on tracking or counting calories or points will work for a short period of time until you burn out, until you get tired or tracking all calories and points and you stop doing the program and it will take a couple of weeks and months to gain all the weight back. If you don´t improve your health and make sure that your hormones and metabolism are working properly you won´t be able to lose weight and keep it off.

So as you can see, weight loss is not as simple as “eat less – move more”, it will take you some time to understand everything that is going on in your body and how every choice you make whether it´s diet, exercise, sleep, stress affects positively or negatively your weight. Your hormones and metabolism need to be working properly and in harmony so that you can lose weight and keep it off and to get them working together you need to develop the right habits for sleep, stress, exercise and diet. When all this works together then weight loss becomes effortless.

The eat less – move more advice based on calories is only a quick fix that will give you results as long as you stick to the program but it has another negative aspect, it doesn´t focus on your health, the more time you stick with any of this programs the more damage you do to your body by losing muscle mass, you make more harm to your metabolism because since those only consider calories you can eat unhealthy foods like seed oils and all this makes it harder and harder for you to keep losing weight and to keep it off. So when you stop it your metabolism is more damaged and it´s easier to pack on the pounds.

There are so many points we need to talk about regarding to weight loss and we´ll be sharing a lot more information on this site, but if there´s something you want to know, if you have any doubt or questions leave them below and on Twitter, we´ll be glad to read from you and help you.

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