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Why sleep is so important!

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Fitness has become so popular but most people only focus on food and exercise which are only 2 of the principles of fitness and they don´t talk that much about sleep. Sleep is highly important and it has a huge impact on our body and health for positive or negative.

Sleep is so important not only to rest and recover from the day and wake up energized for the day to come, there are so many processed going on while we sleep which include recovery and growth and also our body and brain flushes out toxins, different systems on our body work to make all this possible, sleep also keeps our hormones balanced and working properly which makes it easier or harder for us to lose weight and stay lean.

Just one night of poor quality sleep or not enough sleep has a negative impact on the short term and we can see some of those in our day like feeling tired, not being able to focus, it also affects our mood and we feel hungry this leads to poor performance and productivity throughout the day and we tend to eat more which leads to weight gain. In the long run negative impacts of poor quality or not enough sleep lead to health issues.

Poor quality sleep also increases stress and has a negative impact on our exercise workouts, we may skip the entire workout because we don´t have the energy or the intensity and effort won´t be as good as it could, it also impacts negatively our mental health.

The same way that poor quality or lack of sleep has a huge negative impact on our body and health mentally and physical also enough high quality sleep has a positive impact on our body and health both mentally and physical in the short and long run. When we wake up and we feel energized ready for the day that´s a good sign we had good sleep and it´s just the beginning of a great day because it´s easier for us to focus and concentrate on the task and project we´re working on, our performance and productivity increases, we don´t feel hungry all day which makes it easier for us to eat healthy, whole fresh foods and chances are we´re going to exercise with the right intensity and effort. Have you ever noticed that the days when you don´t get enough good quality sleep you made bad choices or your decisions were riskier? this happens because our brain is not function properly after a night of poor sleep.

All the 5 principles of fitness work in harmony to help us maintain optimal health so one night of poor sleep will impact the other 4 principles and if we´re not aware of this it can turn in a negative cycle that can be hard to break. Lack of sleep increases stress, it also makes it harder for us to stick to healthy whole fresh foods so if we have to choose we´ll more likely choose the unhealthy foods, we lack energy so we may sick our workout that day and all this unhealthy choices can lead to poor sleep the next night and if we continue this negative and unhealthy cycle things get worse.

Sleep maintains our body and brain healthy by getting enough high quality sleep we make sure that all systems and hormones of our body function properly to get rid of toxins that can be harmful and also to recover and grow and maintain balance.

Since we´re living very fast paced times and we don´t get enough high quality sleep there are some strategies we can follow to help us as much sleep as possible according to our schedule and improve the quality of our sleep every night so that we´re able to get all the benefits and maintain optimal health.

If you want to live the life of your dreams then focusing on the 5 principles of fitness is key to make it possible to concentrate and work as hard as you need while also getting enough recovery so that you don´t burn out.

What you can do today is be aware of the quality and quantity of sleep you get every night, you can have a really good idea of the quality of your sleep by being aware of how you feel when you wake up, if you feel energized and ready to go and you maintain the level of energy and focused throughout the night you´re doing fine but if you feel tired and you´re not able to concentrate throughout the day you may need to improve the quality of your sleep.

Sleep is important.

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