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Why resistance exercise is important


Do you lift weight or do some type of resistance exercise or are you afraid that you will gain too much muscle and get big?

Many of us are afraid of lifting weights and doing resistance exercises because we will get big, especially girls, fortunately this is wrong we won´t get big (unless that´s your goal which we will talk about how to do it in other post) but we will look lean, and toned. We think too much about this that we forget all the benefits for overall health that resistance exercise has to offer.

We know that resistance exercise gives the stimulus our muscles need to grow and get stronger, if we want to build an amazing physique resistance exercise is key there´s no other way to achieve a physique that looks lean, toned and strong without giving our body and muscles the stimulus they need.

There are different variables and exercise techniques we can use to get the type of physique we want which we´re going to talk about in a future post. If you´ve to a gym and exercise with a trainer lifting weights you may have found that he made you do a lot of different exercises using dumbbells or machines or a lot of reps. Most fitness trainers use some of variables and techniques we will talk about in future posts but most of them only overcomplicate things. Your goal is to improve body composition which we talked about in another post (click here to read that post). So you don´t need to do all those different exercises and spend hours exercising.

As we get older we start losing muscle mass so we need to make sure that you build lean muscle and maintain it to avoid this loss as you age, it also increases bones mineral density which keeps your bones strong and improves physical performance on daily activities, it increases metabolism, improves body composition, helps you prevent injuries and chronic pains and as you see results, as you see your body changing and getting leaner it bust confidence, increases self-esteem and helps lower anxiety and depression, it also slows and even reverse aging factors.

As we get older we are more susceptible to accidents and injuries so resistance training is a way to make sure that we not only look strong but that we´re actually strong, as cardiovascular exercise has many amazing benefits beyond fat loss and weight management which includes our brain and heart, resistance training also has a lot of amazing benefits that go beyond looking lean which include strong bones.

Resistance training can get really complex if we talk about all the training variables and advance techniques you can use if you have a more advanced fitness goal, but if your goal is only to get in shape, sustain it to maintain optimal health you can keep your programs really simple what you need to consider is that both cardio and resistance have great benefits for health so if you can find ways to use them both not necessarily the same day that´s the way to go.

You don´t need to go to a gym if you don´t want, you can get a really good workout with bodyweight exercises and if you want to add more volume you can add compound exercises. Going to a gym when you´re out of shape or starting in fitness is very overwhelming, being in public and exercising around other people can make you feel uncomfortable because we know unfortunately some of them are not nice, you don´t feel good and don´t have the confidence so you can start at home with minimal equipment.

Making your programs based on resistance training is the best option, if you over-do it with cardio we can lose muscle and that´s not what you want so you need to create the resistance part of your program based on your goals first, then you add cardio to help you achieve your goals faster and also to get those benefits.

If your goal is health and living a better life then keeping things simple with just a few exercises done correctly with the right amount of intensity and effort is all you need, you can get a great workout in 45 minutes and you don´t need to do resistance exercises every day, and with two or three 10 to 15 minute walks every day you´ll get great results.

Let us know by leaving a comment down below and on Twitter if you´ve ever done resistance exercise or lift weights and what were your results. Also if you struggle with something, we´ll be glad to help.

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