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Why resistance bands are a great equipment tool


Some people love them, some people hate them. Resistant bands a are great tool you can use to exercise and if you use them correctly you will get amazing results.

Are you thinking on starting exercising but are you afraid of using weights or you can´t afford a gym membership or you don´t want to the gym? Maybe you´ve been exercising for some time now and you are looking for a ways to change your workouts. Resistance bands are great to add some variation to your workouts and keep them challenging and fun, and they are also a great piece of equipment you can use if you´re starting exercising.

As you know resistance bands are… well bands you may have seen people using them at the gym or on YouTube videos and Instagram, at the beginning this bands were use as a rehabilitation method for patients who were recovering from injuries or who has surgery and were recovering but with time they became a lot more popular and now so many people use them as a way to complement their routines or some even use them for their entire exercise program.

There are different types of bands: flat bands, tubes and figure 8.

Flat bands: This bands do not have handles, you may found them like flat bands or pull up bands, they both look the same with no handles, in this cases, pull up bands have more resistance compared to flat bands, flat bands have less resistance making them a great option for stretch or to add a little more resistance to some exercises while pull up bands have more resistance making them a great option for compound exercises, they´re also used to assist with pull ups when you´re starting.

Tube bands: This bands have handles on each side, some bands come with two different options for the handles, one for hands and one for ankles so you can switch them according to your exercise.

Figure 8: This bands look like a figure 8 and are shorter than other bands, this is why some people love them or others hate them.

All this bands come in different levels of resistance from extra light to extra heavy so you can use the level or tension you feel more comfortable with always keeping in mind that every workout needs to be challenging. If you´re starting bands are a great tool you can use to start adding resistance exercises without using weights, you can start with extra light and progress through each level, you can do exercises for each muscle group with them to get a complete workout.

For beginners bands are a great way to start resistance exercises to gain strength and feel comfortable working out with the goal of getting stronger, you can stay with bands if you like just progressing in the resistance or when you fell comfortable you can start using weight for compound exercises. For girls and guys more advanced using switching from weights to bands is a good strategy to add variation to your workouts, to change it for a period of time, even if you do the same exercises your muscles will feel it different, bands help you target your muscles in different ways or you can also use bands to add more volume to your workouts, you can weight for compound movements and bands for isolation movements helping you get increase muscle size.

If you´re starting your fitness journey then bands are one of the best tools you can use, what I recommend is that you go for two or three 10 to 15 minutes walks, one in the morning before breakfast, one after lunch and one after dinner. If you can only take two walks try to take those walks after lunch and after dinner and do some resistance exercises with bands, you can do some compound exercises like chest press, shoulder press, bicep curls, triceps extensions, squats. Remember that before you start any exercise routine to talk with your doctor or care practitioner.

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