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Why low calorie diets don´t work long term

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Most people I know who want to lose weight think of it of diet and exercise, the most common advice we all know “eat less move more” but when they start following this advice with any weight loss program they realize how hard it is, some of them finish the program and lose weight but can´t maintain the results for long, other don´t finish the program.

Weight loss is not about eating less and following strict low calorie diets, when people need to lose a lot of weight their body don´t work the same as a lean person, their metabolism is slower, they are insulin resistant so their body can´t use carbohydrates efficiently and their hormones are not working in balance.

With all this going on if they follow a strict low calorie diet of course they will lose weight, sometimes a lot but as they lose weight they´re losing muscle mass and they´ll hit a plateau and get to a point where the calories are too low that is not sustainable. This is a short term solution that causes negative impacts long term.

You may also know that it is actually very hard to keep calories low and avoid certain foods, in most cases people who have been following unhealthy diets and make a sudden change won´t stick to a nutrition program for long, the more strict the program the less chances of sticking with them. Your body is used to all those unhealthy foods, they create addiction and a vicious cycle that is so hard to change, if they focus on making healthier choices without considering calories the progress is amazing.

The first step is to first develop the habit of eating fresh foods, meals cooked and prepared with fresh ingredients then you can manipulate macro nutrients according to your body.

Not all calories are created equal and each macro nutrient affects our body and hormones differently, low calorie diets do not consider this so they´re not considering what matters most.

Low calorie diets are a short term option, if you want to lose weight fast you can follow one of those traditional weight loss programs and you´ll get results but the problem is when you stop following the program and realize that you made more harm to your body.

As I´ve said before your weight loss goal must be set as improving body composition and a lifestyle change, in order to sustain your results you need to develop healthy habits based on what matters most, the 5 principles of fitness are key.

It´s important that you understand the function of each macronutrient and the impact it has on your body and also how the hormones of your body respond to each macro and their functions.

Losing weight, getting in shape, improving body composition and make it sustainable is more complex than just calories. You need to improve insulin sensitivity, keep insulin and cortisol low, increase growth hormone, keep ghrelin and leptin in balance, imrpove metabolism and this can only be done when you focus on macro nutrients.

Low calorie diets do more damage to all those hormones, they slow your metabolism, they keep insulin and cortisol high, growth hormone is low, leptin and ghrelin are not in balance as you can see it´s the opposite of what we want and the more you stay with those diets the more damage they do.

Weight loss is not about diets, there´s no reason to follow a diet for a period of time and then get back to where you began. It is possible to get in amazing shape and get the physique you always wanted and sustain it, it´s simple and effortless the key is to make it a lifestyle by developing good healthy habits based on the 5 principles of fitness.

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