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Why it is important to focus on body composition


You´ve tried to lose weight more than once but you haven´t achieved your results or maybe you get to your desired weight but after a couple months or years you gained all the weight back.

Most people when they talk about weight loss or they set a weight loss goal they want to lose as much weight as possible as fast as possible. There are some girls and guys who want take it easy and know that it will take time so they want to lose weight at a lower pace but they still follow the same rules.

When we set our weight loss goal some of us search on the internet or magazine and find a program that looks amazing so we start following it, most of the programs are based on the most famous advice “eat less – move more” they want you to burn as much calories as possible while eating less so they put you on a low restrictive calorie diet maybe high protein, low fat and low carbs while doing tones of cardio or aerobic exercises. If you go to a dietitian or nutritionist they also put you in a low restrictive calorie diet which is low fat, moderate protein and moderate carbs. Unfortunately these advices are wrong, this is not the best way for sustainable weight loss and this leads to more problems.

The real problem starts from the moment you set your goal, you don´t want to lose weight, you want to improve body composition, this means that you want to lose body fat and gain or maintain muscle mass so that you achieve a healthy weight based on your height and considering lean muscle mass and body fat. A physique that looks toned and strong, you won´t get big, you´ll look great.

Most people think that being skinny is healthy but it´s actually not, we´ve seen it over and over when skinny people all of a sudden find out that they have some health issue. The problem is not only being obese or overweight, the problem is body composition, the amount of fat we have on our body, there are different types of fat (we´re going to talk about this on a future post), on people who are obese or overweight it´s clear that they have fat to lose but there´s a type of fat that it´s actually more harmful and causes more problems and we don´t see this type of fat. The problem with skinny people is that they may have this kind of harmful fat.

When you focus on body composition you need to improve your health and make sure that you maintain or gain muscle mass, maintaining muscle mass and strength is linked to health and longevity, and you make sure that you lose fat. The goal is to get stronger so that you maintain muscle mass and that you lose fat this gives you a good look physique that is also healthy.

As I´ve mentioned before it´s not about weight loss, your weight and your physique is the result of your health and what´s going on in your body, if you have fat to lose and if it´s hard for you to lose fat and maintain a healthy weight then there´s something going wrong with the hormones and systems in your body and that´s what you need to focus on. Considering a healthy diet that gives your body the nutrients it needs while getting rid of all the unhealthy foods that are like toxins to your body and to get stronger to build muscle mass and end with a healthy and good looking body.

If you are skinny you need to get stronger to build muscle mass while burning the fat you do have to make sure that your weight is actually healthy. You also need to focus on giving your body the nutrients it needs.

As you can see weight loss can get very complicated, it´s not as easy as most fitness experts ang gurus say. Their eat less – move more advice is just one small piece of the puzzle and we need to mention that their approach is not complete.

We´ll be talking a lot more about healthy weight loss and we´ll be sharing with you tips and steps to improve your health and achieve your weight loss goal once and for all. In the mean time if you have any doubt, question or comment leave it down below and on Twitter, we´ll be glad to read from you and help you.

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