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Why is it so hard to lose weight and maintain the results?


The short answer is because we follow some of those traditional of commercial weight loss programs that help us lose a lot of weight in a short period of time without considering long term damage to our body.

With those traditional programs we lose weight which means we lose fat, water and muscle. The result from this is that yes, we lose a lot of weight but we lose muscle with it so our metabolism slows and we also need to consider that we need to follow very strict low calorie diets which also slows our metabolism and at the end of the program we did more harm than good to our body.

They give us what we want, we want fast results so the programs are designed to helps us lose as much fat as possible in the shortest period of time without considering our health and the negative impact the programs will have.

Fat loss is hard, we need to put the time and effort, we need to work hard and be disciplined with our program until we develop the right habits. When we start a fat loss program we are dealing with physical, emotional and mental pain and discomfort plus we need to add the fact that all unhealthy foods we´ve been eating created addiction in our body so our body and brain will make us feel like if we need those unhealthy foods which is actually not true. Dealing with all this stuff going on is what makes fat loss and getting in shape so difficult.

The reason why it is so hard to maintain our results is because we follow a strict program that cause more harm than good to our body, we didn´t consider that our actual weight is the results of many years of unhealthy habits and unhealthy lifestyle.

There´s a way to make fat loss sustainable and that is by developing good healthy habits, eating real, fresh foods and avoiding all unhealthy foods that can cause not only weight gain but can also lead to health diseases. Working out at least 30 minutes every day focusing on resistance training to maintain and build muscle, getting enough good quality sleep every night, at least 6 hours of sleep if you can get 7 or 8 hours do it. Developing the right mindset to get you through the hard times, when your body things you can´t go any further your mindset keeps you going, when you have to make a choice between healthy or unhealthy foods your mindset goes for the healthy options.

Sustainable fat loss is simple if we focus on what matters which is improving body composition and developing good healthy habits, this doesn´t mean that it´s easy but it´s worth it, it´s the best way to do it. We also need to understand that it takes time, even when we can get amazing results in a couple weeks it will take some time to get to our desired weight so we need to focus on progress, seeing progress and results make us happy so use your progress as a way to stay motivated.

The journey is though, this why not everyone is lean, we all dream with having an amazing physique but not everyone is willing to put the time and effort. Those though moments remember your end goal, think about your end result,, if you want that end result so bad you´ll make it through those though moments, this includes all the physical, emotional and mental struggle you will need to get through.

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