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Why is it so hard to avoid unhealthy foods?


When we try to lose fat and go start a diet we find it so difficult to avoid all unhealthy foods, those sweets, cookies, cakes, muffins almost all processed and fast food but have you asked why it´s so hard to avoid them?

We all know that this foods are unhealthy but some of us haven´t stop and think about the negative impact hey have on our life and health, we know that this foods lead to obesity, diabetes and inflammatory diseases and they also affect our mood, they can make us feel depressed or anxious.

The reason why it´s so hard to avoid this foods is because they are full of sugar, unhealthy fats and chemicals to make them taste delicious, companies spend too much money in making their products so palatable, addictive and creating amazing marketing campaigns.

Companies want to sell Companies want to sell so they create amazing campaigns to make you think that you are buying healthier products when it´s not that truth and they keep making packages and portions bigger. The chemicals on those processed foods turn on the reward center on your brain so every time you them you feel good and you get addicted to that feeling, every time you feel down, depressed, stressed or angry you grab some unhealthy foods to make you feel better and if we add to this that some chemicals added to them are used to enhance flavors, make food taste better and also creates addiction it´s harder to avoid them. Research shows that this foods create addiction the same way alcohol and cigarettes do.

We also need to know that processed foods are high in calories, high in sugars, unhealthy fats and chemicals as we mentioned before but they lack nutrients and our body needs nutrients to function properly and keep us healthy, if we don´t give our body the nutrients it needs it will keep sending signals that we´re hungry and if we add to this the cycle that unhealthy foods create by triggering certain neurotransmitters in our brain we will over eat but those extra foods will be unhealthy foods and the cycle continues, the more we eat junk, processed and fast foods the more we crave them.

To avoid unhealthy foods we need to break the negative cycle, is like breaking an addiction, it will be hard and it will take time and effort. We´re so use to eating unhealthy foods that we need to be aware and make conscious decisions.

We are surrounded by unhealthy foods and bombarded with marketing to buy those foods which make our effort of avoiding them harder, one of the best strategies is to remove all this unhealthy foods from our home and office and always have healthy options even for snacks like nuts, seeds.

When we decide and commit to change our nutrition and avoid unhealthy foods we need to accept that it´s going to be though, it´s going to take time and in some occasions we´re going to make the wrong decision, when this happen we just get conscious about it and change the unhealthy option we choose for something better and move on.

If we blame ourselves every time we make a wrong decision we make everything harder, it´s not a big deal if we are aware of it and move on. We can ask ourselves why we made that bad choice, was it the only option we had available? were we on a hurry and that was the best choice for the moment? do we were really hungry or only have cravings? do we felt anxious or depressed and use it as comfort food? Asking this questions and getting to the root of why we´re making certain choices help us to get prepared for the next time it occurs.

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