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Harmonize Fitness

Why food is important! What we eat matters!


Food plays an important role in our lives, it makes up a great part of social life. Whether we´re alone watching a movie or series while eating some of our favorite snacks or whether we´re having lunch or dinner with family, friends or coworkers or sometimes we´re just eating because we´re bored, stressed or depressed every food choice we make has an impact on our body and health.

The importance of food is not only to help us reach our fitness goals, it´s not about following a restrictive diet for a period of time to lose weight and get in shape, it´s about developing healthy habits to make healthy choices most of the time to maintain optimal health, it´s a lifestyle that helps us live to our full potential and achieve amazing things.

Our relationship with food is not as good as it could be and it´s causing a lot of problems. Food can heal, and prevent diseases or it can make us sick, the choice is ours every single time we decide to eat something.

Food is data and fuel for our body, if we want to perform at peak every single day and if we want to live to our full potential we need to make the right food choices. Health is a priority but most of us do not make it a priority until something bad happens, we live surrounded by highly processed and junk foods loaded with refined sugars, trans fats, chemicals and toxins that are making us sick and we choose those options because they are convenient and many more reasons that we´re not aware of but we don´t think about the negative impact they have on our body and health.

We need to improve our relationship with food and make a shift of how we view it based on understanding how everything we eat works and the impact it has on our body positive or negative, we need to think about food as giving nutrients, data and energy to our muscle, cells, organs and entire body and realizing that we can still have delicious meals that are healthy full of nutrients that our body needs to work properly as opposed to eating processed foods based on taste and can´t stop consuming them because of the addiction they create (we´re going to talk about this on future posts).

Our unhealthy food choices based on highly processed foods are one of the causes of diseases like obesity, diabetes and even dementia, Alzheimer, cancer, etc; there´s no cure for most of this diseases but, it´s possible to prevent them if we develop healthy habits to live a healthy life and this doesn´t mean that you won´t be able to eat your favorite dish, snack or desert of course you can have them once or twice a month (maybe more) or you can find healthy recipes and make those snack, dishes and desserts taste great and healthy so that you can enjoy them a lot more.

In most cases we don´t give too much attention to our food choices because we don´t understand how food works on our body and the impact it has so when we understand the negative impact of unhealthy foods and also the positive impact of whole healthy foods and learn the basics of nutrition it´s easier for us to make better choices.

We don´t need to follow restrictive diets if we´ don´t need to, if our goal is to use fitness as a tool to live the most amazing life then we just need to make sure that 80% or 90% of our food choices are based on whole, healthy foods and the ones that make us feel great.

I don´t like the word diet because it means that we´re going to eliminate some foods, especially the ones we love for a certain period of time making it restrictive in our food choices and calories. I´m not against any nutrition program or “diet” whether it´s vegan, vegetarian, paleo, ketogenic, carnivore as long as they are well formulated and healthy. I consider all those options to be tools to help us live our best life possible and our nutrition program or diet doesn´t need to follow any of them strictly, it´s not about trying to fit into one of the fad or commercial diets, the most important thing we need to do is avoid unhealthy options (highly refined and processed foods like sweets, sugars, candies, cakes, sodas, junk, fast foods) and stick to whole foods then from those whole fresh foods we can be more restrictive by avoiding foods that make us feel sick causing bloating, inflammation, etc.

Since foods is highly important for optimal health to live an incredible life you can start today making better choices, if you like to have some unhealthy snacks between meals (this includes “healthy bars”) skip those snacks or change them for something healthy, whole and fresh like pumpkin seeds, pecans or almonds.

The importance of food!

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