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Why doing something you hate increases stress


Life is hard, some days more than others but if we hate what we do every day, if we don´t enjoy our work then stress increases and becomes chronical.

Doing something you hate or you don´t enjoy increases stress for so many reasons and it gets worse when you not only hate what you do, when you not only hate the activity but also the people around you, your team, your boss, the environment or culture of the entire place.

So many people want a secure 9 to 5 job that pays well, we want that security and safety regarding money, but this only gets people trapped in a toxic job and toxic environment.

When you don´t like what you do you don´t have the motivation you need to do what you need to do, when things get harder or you get assigned a project or any challenge that involves learning new skills or taking risks you may start getting anxious or panicking because you´ll need to invest more time and energy into something you´re not interested but you need to deliver and meet expectations otherwise you can be fired.

If the people around you, your team whether they´re coworkers or even classmates just make fun of you every single moment spend there is like hell and as time pass by it gets worse. If your boss or teacher always criticize your work and blame you for everything that goes wrong then stress increases and remains high even when for some reason you are safe in your job and you know he can´t fire you.

If the culture and values of the company or office you work for do not align with your values every minute you are at the office or spend time working with your team you need to be rally aware of every thing you say and do so that you don´t do or say anything wrong.

If you wake up every day without motivation to go to work, without motivation to do all you need to do, if you´re not interested on your job and all the activities it involves you´re not living the life you are meant to live. You spend most time with high levels of stress even if you´re not aware of it, just the fact of not enjoying what you do and not being interested on it and having to do it anyway increases stress.

Life is a journey and none of us are meant to live a mediocre life doing something we don´t enjoy or possibly hate just to have financial security, there´s no reason to make just enough money to live a decent life if you hate every second of the journey and it´s worse knowing that stress is one of the cause of some diseases or at least if it didn´t cause it makes it worse. You might make enough money to pay bills but you have problems sleeping, you get sick pretty often, you are tired and unmotivated all the time you have changes on your appetite, you keep thinking about work and all you need to do and not in a good way even when you´re at home, there´s always something related to your job that keeps you worried, etc.

If you let this control your life at the end you´ll not only hate your job but also your life and you´ll regret not taking the steps or not taking the risk to do what you actually wanted to do. Around 40% of people hate their job and they stay there just because of the paycheck but not amount of money is worth paying the risks of living an stressful life, a life that you hate that can lead to health problems, if you hate your job it´s literally killing you.

Health is a priority, physical and mental, the negative impact of having a job you hate in your mental health needs to be counted. If you feel tired, stressed, unmotivated, if you feel depressed or anxious it can be caused by your job, every experience releases certain chemicals and hormones in your body so it´s not a surprise that a job you hate, doing something you hate in a toxic work environment leads to not only stress but also depression and anxiety, all this leads to poor sleep or lack of sleep, lack of physical activity, weight gain, and it also impacts your personal life, how you interact with your loved ones.

Realize that you deserve much more than a 9 to 5 job you hate, your deserve much more and you are capable of way more than that. We´re not meant to just have a secure job and just get by, we´re here to live a meaningful and fulfilled life and that comes from doing what you love.

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