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Why daily physical activity doesn´t count as cardio

21 Why daily physical activity doesnt count as cardio

Some guys want me to consider walking the dog in the park or taking their Sunday walks as cardio which I´ve told them that doesn´t count and I´m not changing my mind.

When we refer to working out we want to give our body a message, it doesn´t matter what´s today workout you need to make that workout intense and challenging, that intense workout is the one who sends the signal to your body to change, to adapt to that stimulus, cardio and resistance training they both send a signal to your body.

With cardio you are telling your body to be more efficient at using calories and energy so every time you do the same activity your body is using less calories, it becomes efficient at that activity, with resistance training you´re telling your body to get stronger because it needs to lift heavy weight.

With daily physical activities like taking a walk in the park or getting your dog to a walk it feels tired and challenging the first days but with time your body adapts, even for guys who need to walk every morning to get to their job and walk back home, if you take a look at those guys you´ll see most of them are obese or overweight, unless you find a guy that looks lean and in good shape and if you ask him/her they workout and  have healthy habits.

Many people who do this type of daily activities and consider them as cardio or working out are most of the time overweight, this is because their body adapts to those activities, it´s efficient using energy so their bodies use less energy to do them.

The same goes for the recommendations most nutritionist or dietitian give you, take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk instead of using the car, park far from the entrance and walk more, this will seem so hard the first days or weeks but then your body gets used to it and it´s not challenging anymore, what´s worst your metabolism slows down because it´s  more efficient using calories, it use less energy every time you take those stairs at your company or school to get to the office or to the classroom.

Some guys like to play an sport on weekends, this is amazing but there are several point that come into play to know if you can consider them as cardio or not. If you go at the same pace and intensity every time you play then it´s not cardio, your body is used to that  activity, if you try to make it intense, may be those games where you ended so tired you can consider it as a cardio session.

To get  the fat loss effects from cardio you most need to be on a calorie deficit meaning burn more calories than you eat and you need to make those cardio sessions intense and challenging, you can´t be doing the same thing over and over again because you´ll stay the same.

Schedule 30 to 60 minutes every day to workout, I´ve said before and I´ll say it over and over again, working out at least 6 days a week is the best option, 3 to 4 days of resistance training and 2 or 3 days of cardio, if you can workout at the same time everyday do it, it´s better than having different daily schedules or routines at least for exercise, train your body and develop the habit of working out every day at the same time.

In that time you schedule to workout focus on your routine, focus on giving your all, it doesn´t matter if its cardio or resistance you want to make every workout count, for resistance you focus on getting stronger, for cardio you focus on keeping it challenging.

Your body needs the right stimulus in order to change, it needs the right frequency and intensity, for cardio changing things up may be the way to go also to keep it fun and interesting you can mix steady state and HIIT or stay with one for a period of time and then change to the other, you can also change the exercises.

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