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Harmonize Fitness

Why body composition is really important


You wake up one day with the idea in mind to lose weight knowing that the journey is hard and long, thinking that you need to go to the gym or exercise for one or more hours 5 to 6 days a week and finish each workout drenched in sweat, so tired and wake up the next day feeling sore plus you´ll need to eliminate all the tasty and delicious foods you love and instead have chicken, boiled broccoli and some white rice, again… boiled.

This is what most people think about weight loss and how most fitness programs are designed, but this is not completely right or true. When you decided to lose weight you did it because of health issues, maybe you don´t feel good about your body and the way you look or people made fun of you. In any case the goal is to get in the your best shape, sustain it and be healthier; not precisely lose weight.

Improving body composition most be the primarily goal in fitness. Body composition means that you have the optimal amount of muscle mass and the optimal amount of body fat, the numbers of what is optimal for you varies from person to person according to your height, age, sex, etc; and also the type of physique you want to achieve.

Improving body composition means that you´ll be losing body fat and increasing muscle mass. In some cases, especially in people who is out of shape is possible to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. In other cases it´s harder to do it but it can be done, in this cases it is better to focus on losing fat while maintaining muscle mass first and then gain some muscle while staying lean.

The benefits of improving body composition are to stay in a healthy weight with the right proportion of muscle and fat and you´ll look lean, toned, muscular and athletic.

This can´t be done following commercial weight loss programs that only focus on mostly cardio or circuit training for exercise and low calorie diet with very restrict options. You´ll lose weight and sometimes a lot in a short period of time, you lose fat, water and muscle and you´ll end up being skinny and with so many health problems. To improve body composition you need to consider the 5 principles of fitness which are training, nutrition, sleep, stress and mindset.

Training will help you get the physique you want by focusing on resistance training to build muscle and adding some cardio to lose fat, nutrition gives nutrients to your body so that it can function properly and it must sustain your fitness goal, good quality sleep helps you keep hormones in balance and it also help you stick to a healthy nutrition program and not skip workouts, lowering stress helps your body recover properly and it also helps to get good quality sleep every night and mindset helps you get focused on your goal by having the right thoughts.

How would you feel if once day in the morning you look in the mirror and you see that tone and lean physique you´ve always wanted, your clothes fit perfectly and you feel amazing all day? This can be possible but the way to sustain those results is by improving body composition, having more muscle is what´s going to give you the freedom you need while maintaining your physique and you also need to develop good healthy habits.

To get inspired you can look at actors or actresses and find out which type of physique you would want to achieve, it may be Chris Hemsworth or Chris Evans for Thor and Captain America respectively, or Jason Momoa for Aquamand, it can be Scarlette Johanson for Black Widow. Knowing what type of physique you want to achieve gives you a more clear idea of how you need to workout just don´t get obsessed with them. Realize that it´s a guide and that you won´t look exactly the same.

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