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Whole foods vs processed foods


We all know that sweets, junk, processed and fast foods are unhealthy, most of us do not give our nutrition too much importance until it´s too late but we all complain about how bad we feel, we don´t have energy, it´s so hard to concentrate on what we´re doing, we´re on a bad mood but we keep eating those foods that are one of the reasons why we feel that way.

There are 2 main differences between whole, fresh foods and processed foods:

1. Calories

Processed foods are calorically dense, a package of cookies can go from 400 calories to 600 or more and if you eat the whole box or bag you can add 1,000 calories to your diet because you can´t eat just one.

Whole fresh foods are lower in calories, there´s not a single food whole, fresh, natural that go over 100 calories without nutrients and you don´t overeat healthy foods so it´s easier to stay on a calorie deficit making fat loss or body recomp a lot easier.

2. Nutrition

Processed foods lack nutrition and it´s loaded with refined sugars, unhealthy fats, unhealthy seed oils, sweeteners and chemicals to make them taste delicious and create addiction.

Whole fresh foods are loaded with nutrients from fiber, vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats everything our body needs to function properly, repair, recover and grow.

The reason why you can´t stop eating unhealthy foods and you gain weight is because of those 2 points, there are no nutrients in those foods so your body keeps sending you signals that it needs nutrients so you feel hungry, they are loaded with sugars, trans fat and chemicals that are toxic and harmful for your body and also creates addiction so you can´t stop eating them and they are very high in calories.

Whole fresh foods are full of nutrients your body needs to function properly and all those nutrients make you feel full, they don´t create addiction so you eat when you´re hungry and only as much as you need without overeating and they´re low in calories so you´re giving your body what it needs in less calories and it can function effectively, it knows what to do with this foods.

Not all of us need to follow restrictive diets but we all need to change our eating habits, avoid unhealthy, highly processed foods and eat more healthy, whole fresh foods, there are different theories and myths about which is the original diet, what our ancestors ate and some diets are based on them, I´m not really sure about that but what I´m sure is that they didn´t eat all those processed foods we eat nowadays our body is not designed to eat them and this is one of the reasons why we´re dealing with so many health problems, if we make a small change on the foods we eat our body we´ll thank us, we´ll feel a lot better and we´ll live better.

Here are some steps you can take to eliminate processed and refined foods:

1.- Eliminate all those foods from your house, office and school

2.- Buy healthy options like nuts, seeds, eggs, meats, fish, vegetables, water, coffee, tea, dark chocolate, full fat yogurt.

What you do is you swap those unhealthy foods for the healthy options, there´s no way to eliminate a bad habit or stop making an unhealthy choice so the way to do it is having healthy options and instead of making it easier for you to choose unhealthy options because that´s all you have available you now have healthy options. Make sure that the healthy options you buy you actually like them, there´s no reason to eat something you don´t like because it will make your diet a lot harder and you won´t stick to it.

When you start eliminating all those unhealthy foods i´s hard, the first days and weeks are though but with time it becomes easier. The best point about eliminating this foods is that you are eliminating added sugar and seed oils from your diet which are the ones causing bigger problems on your health, they are also the ones making it harder for you to lose weight once and for all.

Try the 2 steps I share with you for 3 or 4 weeks and let me know how you feel, also let me know by leaving a comment on Twitter if you are struggling with something so I can help you. I´m looking forward to help you improve your health, lose weight and live and amazing life.

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