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When we can take control of our mind we can take control of our life

22 Control your mind, control your life

If you want to live your most amazing life you need to take control of your mind, there´s nothing we can´t achieve but the things that is stopping us is our mind and it will keep us stuck until we decide to take control and use it to work for us, not against us.

Have you ever stopped for a moment and think about how our subconscious mind controls everything? It controls our entire day and consequently our life every day we do the same things, our mind is running a program that keeps it comfortable knowing exactly what to do, that´s what our mind wants being comfortable but that´s keeping us stuck in a mediocre life.

We are all capable of living an incredible life but for this we need to change the program that is running daily in our minds and to change that program we need to be aware of what we´re doing, and make different choices and this takes us out of our comfort zone so our mind will try to bring us back to that comfort zone, to the program with all kind of limiting believes and excuses of why we can´t do something which are completely wrong.

What we need to do is take control of our mind, out thoughts and believes. The moment we start making different choices, when all excuses and reasons why we can´t do something come to our mind we  don´t listen to them, we don´t pay attention to them, we go ahead and make that new choice, every time we make a different choice we is a victory and we do this over and over, those small victories from every new choice are making you stronger and this is how you are able to control your mind.

Many people talk about mental toughness, how much control do you have over your mind? do you take action and do what you need to do whether you want or not? do you show up every day with a winning mindset despite of what people around you says or think? are you completely focused on the results you want to achieve and you don´t let any belief or comment get in?

It takes time to develop mental toughness but it can be done, once you get mentally strong you´ll be capable of achieving things you thought were impossible. Mental toughness, drive and the obsession of achieving your goal is what keeps you going even in the hardest times, when you are able to see pass the obstacles and visualize clearly the end result  that means that you are in control of your mind which leads to having control of you life.

You need to go through a journey to achieve your goal, to get what you want and to become who you want to become, throughout the journey there´ll be hard, and though times, in those times of struggle is where most people give up but not you, every time you get to those difficult times focus on the end result. There will be times when you don´t want to get up early, or when you want to go to sleep or when you want to go to the party, there´ll be tedious and boring times that you don´t want to go through and you will hate them. Don´t give up, continue and breakthrough those times by thinking and focusing on the end result.

This is how you develop a strong mindset and how you get control of your mind, when you are able to shut those limiting believes and thoughts and you can get through the struggle, without letting any external noise affect you your performance and results on everything you do will be amazing.

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