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When someone let you down


You give your all to someone, your time, energy, you showed up over and over, you give too much and you´re waiting to receive that same care and appreciation but the ones you love and care more about are the ones who let you down.

The biggest problem when someone let you down or disappoint you is how they make you feel, you feel sad, you feel like people don´t care about you, people don´t love you, you feel alone, you feel like you´re not enough, you get anxious and angry and if the person who let you down or disappointed you was someone you really care about, someone you loved and thought you can count on this negative feelings are worse.

Expecting something from others is the worst mistake we can make, it´s always better to give without expecting something back but this doesn´t mean that you can let people hurt you.

If someone let you down you first need to find out why they did and if they have a valid reason they you can forgive them once but, if they don´t have a valid reason and they´re only hurting you then it´s better to stay away from them, sometimes you need to set boundaries. Do not give more that 2 opportunities, if someone let you down for a second time you can´t continue trusting that person, the more you keep them in your life the more they will hurt you. You can´t keep people in your life who make you feel bad, who disappoint you and let you down.

For a good relationship to work there needs to be work and interest from both parts, if you are completely sure you´ve been working on developing a good strong relationships with someone, you were there on the good and bad times and when you needed them they let you down then it´s better to stop trusting those people and take them out of your life but, if you didn´t spend the time to make the relationship strong, if you didn´t show on good and bad times then you can´t blame all on them.

Someone who really care about you will never disappoint you or let you down, even when they´re having a tough situation they´ll find a way to show up and be there for you, if someone let you down chances are they never cared so why would you keep people who doesn´t care in your life?

If your best let you down there are some steps you can take:

1.- Do not take it personally

2.- Do not let their decision affect you negatively for a long period of time

3.- Do not look for vengeance or revenge

4.- Pay attention to the ones who showed up and build strong relationships with them

It doesn´t matter what happen there´s always something outside of your control, you can´t control other peoples behaviors and actions, but you can control how you respond to their actions so never let anyone make you feel bad. You are in charge of your emotions and sometimes what they say and do is a reflection of them, is about them not about you so if someone let you down and you want to give them one more opportunity you can just make sure you don´t give them more than 2 chances.

Giving back and being kind improves your mood and make you feel incredible so the more you give back and be kind the better you feel and this is even better when you don´t expect too much from people, the less you expect from people and actually from any situation the less disappointed you will be. You may have heard it before and it´s true so focus on giving back and being kind without expecting something and you´ll feel great.

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