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What you need to know before you start your weight loss journey


Most of us let ourselves gain weight during Holidays and when we make our New Years Resolution weight loss is on that list, but in a couples of weeks or months we stop because life gets in the way and probably we start working on that goal a couple of times along the year. In most cases what stop us is not getting some results and not having the right information and mindset.

There are so many weight loss programs out there and many experts or gurus claiming that their strategy is the best one, but obesity and overweight keep increasing and there are so many people still trying to lose weight. The first point we need to mention is that if you follow the wrong program you might end up doing more damage to your body, this is related to the most common advice you´ve probably heard “eat less – move more” and unfortunately most weight loss programs focus on this. Even when there are people who can follow this advice and get amazing results a few of them are able to maintain those results most people won´t get results. Most people struggling with their weight and struggling with their weight loss journey won´t get results just by eating less and moving more because the problem is their hormones and metabolism, if you´re one those who´ve been following weight loss programs and crash diets without getting results then you need to fix your hormones and metabolism first.

Weight loss is actually simple if you are prepared before starting your weight loss journey. The first step you need to take is being aware and understanding where you are, if you are addicted to food, or if you have any eating disorder, how much exercise can you do, are you able to stand up and walk for 30 minutes?, are you able to lift weights? Can you do bodyweight exercises? You need to know and accept where you are now, where you are starting and what you are able to do so that you can follow a program that actually works for you.

If you have any eating disorder then following a diet low in calories and very restrictive in any way will until cause more harm, in this case you need to start by replacing unhealthy foods with healthy ones one step at a time (will talk about this on a future post).

Then the second step is mentally, realize and accept that it´s going to be hard, even when losing weight is simple it´s not easy especially in the beginning, you´ll need to do some changes to your habits and routines, you´ll need to make better choices but once you get use to those new habits, routines and choices it will be easy. Until this happens you´ll have great days, good days, bad days and terrible days, there´ll be days when you want desperately to eat those cookies, donuts, ice cream, that pizza or hamburger. Considering you don´t have any eating disorder you may need to avoid all those unhealthy foods for a period of time, the first days and weeks it will be hard, you´ll have cravings and you may even have withdraw symptoms just like any other addiction, the moment you get pass this hard time, the rest of the journey is easy. When it comes to exercise first you need to make sure you can do physical activity so you need to talk to your doctor or health practitioner then you need to go in there knowing that you´ll feel tired and pain, you´ll feel your heart rate up, but you also need to be aware of the difference between good pain and bad pain, you need to make every workout challenging without hurting or injuring yourself.

You need to have a program, the more detail the program the better, having a list of foods you can eat at every meal is really important, you will use that list for grocery shopping a couple of days before you start working on your goal, take a couple of days to take all unhealthy foods out of your house and use your list to buy and keep healthy foods. You can make a list of your favorite healthy meals or some meals you enjoy, having 5 or more different options for breakfast, lunch and dinner makes it a little easier by adding variety and not sticking to plain broccoli, rice and chicken. For exercise if you can´t do too much start by walking 15 minutes after each meal, then you can add resistance exercise, for this you´ll need to schedule 30 minutes 3 to 4 days a week.

Everyone can promise you fast results, but here we´re not looking for fast results, we´re looking for sustainable results. You want to feel great and look great.

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