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What you need to know about steady state cardio

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Some of my neighbors around 3 or 4 like to go for a run in the park specially on weekends because that´s when they have more time and the few times I´ve went to the park I saw some people walking, jogging, running or biking which is amazing considering that we spend most of our time sitting in a chair at the office, in our car or in the couch watching TV.

The year I went to the gym and what I can see now when I take a look from the outside at what most people is doing at the gym is steady state cardio which refers to traditional long sessions of low to moderate intensity at an steady pace.

On this type of cardio you are doing from 20 to 60 minutes of exercise at a low to moderate intensity keeping the same pace all the time, this is what people do on the park and the gym. I got to say that this is my favorite cardio tool, I do 30 minutes of steady state cardio every day, jump rope is my favorite.

Steady state cardio is the favorite type of cardiovascular exercise of many experts on the industry, you can see nowadays most people in the gym doing this type of workouts on treadmills, rowing machines, elliptical, stairs or stationary bicycles. You´ll hear many people there on the gym agreeing that it´s boring but it´s a most if you want to lose fat and get shredded. This idea comes from “the fat-burning zone” there are some studies that show that our body uses more fat when we´re performing exercise at a moderate intensity for a long period of time, but some other studies show that this type of exercise can be counterproductive on long term for muscle growth.

What I like about this type of cardio is that is low impact so everyone can do it and contrary to what many people say that you need at least 45 minutes to get the benefits with 20 minutes is enough.

After some time doing cardio your body adapts to the same amount of exercise, time and intensity and it becomes easier. You need to increase time, or intensity to keep it challenging.

The best benefit of this type of cardio is increasing cardiovascular endurance which can help you enjoy life a lot more, you´ll see results in your day to day, if you get involved in activities like hiking, cycling or any other outdoor activities with friends or family you´ll feel a lot better. Improve cardiovascular health is also an important benefit you get from steady state cardio. Here you´ll only burn calories while you´re performing the activity, once the activity is over you´ll stop burning calories.

This type of cardio can cause muscle loss if you over do it and if you are on a caloric deficit and you´re not doing some type of resistance training. If you´re trying to gain muscle mass and you over do this type of cardio it will be harder to gain muscle. You need to keep your nutrition in check to make sure that you are giving your body enough food to grow.

For a steady state cardio workout choose one activity, it can be running, swimming, rowing, jump rope and perform the activity you chose at a moderate pace that is challenging for you for 20 minutes.

I recommend this type of cardio workouts if you´re starting your fitness journey as a way to develop the habit of working out, getting some kind of activity and giving time for your body to improve cardiovascular health and get in better shape. Once you get used to and feel comfortable you can try HIIT if you want to take to the next level or you can stay with this tool by changing  exercises, increasing time or intensity.

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