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What you need to know about metabolism

06 sleep and fat loss

I´ve heard many people in the industry talk about metabolism but all the programs they give to their clients slow their metabolism, as almost all traditional weight loss programs out there and this is the number one reason it is so hard to sustain the results.

If you follow a low calorie diet your metabolism slow down, the more time you stick with a low calorie diet the more harm it will do to your metabolism.

When people who is obese or overweight and have a lot of weight to lose start following a commercial weight loss program like the one we see in some reality tv shows they lose a lot of weight but as time pass by their metabolism starts to slow down more and more and they get to a point where they need to eat very low calorie diets and workout so hard to sustain those results which is impossible, this is why most of them gain the weight back.

With those programs you are following low calorie diets and the workouts are based on cardio training or circuit training which breaks down muscle tissue which instead of helping you get stronger you get weaker over time, losing muscle tissue also slows metabolism and your body needs less energy. This is why you need to eat less to sustain that weight.

I´ve talk a lot about the 5 principles of fitness and the reason why is because this 5 principles work together to keep our body working on balance. Lack of sleep or poor quality sleep will get our body out of balance.

Lack of sleep affect our day, fitness results and health. Sleep plays an important role on metabolism and lack of good quality sleep can be one of the causes of metabolic disorders. As we´ve seen in other posts, sleep affects leptin and ghrelin so if you didn´t get enough good quality sleep you´ll eat more during the day thanks to this 2 hormones which are out of balance, your cravings are high specially for junk and processed foods and the hormones won´t send signals to your brain when you´re full so you keep eating, this is the reason why you gain weight and the more weight you gain you start developing metabolic diseases.

Sleep regulates metabolism, lack of sleep and poor quality sleep get out of balance the metabolic system and the two hormones, leptin and ghrelin won´t be able to control appetite. Metabolism refers to all the processes that take place in our body to keep us alive, it involves anabolism and catabolism. You may have heard of it when someone wants to know how much energy their body needs just to maintain its daily functions when you are resting or basal metabolic rate. Anabolism is when the body builds molecules or tissue and catabolism is when the body breaks down molecules or tissue.

Lack of sleep increases the ability of the body to store fat which promotes weight gain and it also breaks down tissue what is happening here is that we are losing muscle mass and gaining body fat which is the opposite of what we want. This causes a lot of problems like insulin resistant, diabetes, metabolic disorders, inflammation and even chronic diseases.

Our age slows our metabolism, the older we get the slower our metabolism so we need to find ways to keep our metabolism high which will make our fitness goals easier to achieve and is also great for our health.

In the fitness industry is quite normal to listen to people talking about how to speed metabolism, the faster your metabolism the more calories your body burns. Some ways to increase metabolism are good quality sleep every night to keep the hormones and systems of our body in balance and working properly and resistance training to make sure that we maintain and even build muscle mass.

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