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What you let enter your mind defines your future


You may have heard someone said that you are the average of the 5 people you spend more time with, this is a famous quote from Jim Rohn, and it´s so true. You are the result of everything you let enter your mind and body.

Are you aware of what you let enter your mind? From the books of news you read, to what you hear and what you see all that information that gets into your mind has an impact on your future especially if you believe everything you read, hear and see.

We need to be really aware of what we let get into our mind and body because everything is energy and while some people can take our energy down and bring us to a sustained  negative energy so you keep attracting more negative situations, what we let enter our mind over and over will become part of our experience, the life we´re living right now is the result of our thoughts, emotions and most of the time they are influenced by what´s happening around us.

We´re surrounded by too much negativity nowadays, from negative news 24/7 to negative people that spend most of their time complaining and blaming everyone else about their poor life. If we live like this every day and we let all this negativity get into our mind, then we will continue living a negative life. We are so used to living like this that it has become normal, most of us spend most of our time complaining about certain situations and blaming someone else, we watch news to keep feeding our mind with negativity and then we complaining about the negative situations that happen to us.

The people around us play a huge role here whether they´re our classmates, coworkers, neighbors they can influence us, and they can be one of the causes of the negative and poor life we´re living. I know for some of us it may be hard to change the people around us, we may not change school or job or move to another place but we can reduce the time we spend with them and we can also block their negativity from getting inside our mind and affect our life. In this case we need to learn how to deal with this type of people and also not letting what´s happening around us gets inside our mind, our believes. We can´t let outside circumstances and people affect our beliefs, choices and actions.

It´s all about perspective and what you choose to focus on, we´re born being positive and optimistic but as we grow older we get very negative thanks to all the situations we live and the people around us, most of us live in a society that is really pessimistic and negative and that become part of ourselves and our life but we can train our mind to be more positive and optimistic.

Now we need to talk about food, everything you eat has an impact on your body inside and outside, if you eat healthy foods it´s easier for you to maintain a great mood and be more positive, if you eat unhealthy foods it´s harder to be positive and your mood will be very bad. What you eat also affects how you look, from your hair, nails, skin so make sure that you eat healthy meals to make it easier for you to look young and lean and also feel great.

If you want to change this and start living a much better life you can start right now, it only takes a decision and commitment, decide and commit that you want to live a more positive life and with this comes the action plan. Here are some steps you can start following today:

1.- Train your mind to see the positive in every situation and every person, if someone keeps being negative try to avoid them,

2.- Read books or listen to audiobooks or podcast that help you grow and learn something new every day, for this you need to reduce time watching negative news and reduce time on social media,

3.- Eat healthy foods including healthy fats, fiber, proteins and keep healthy carbohydrates low.

This 3 steps seem so simple and logic, you may have listen or read about them before but it´s hard to do it, you need to be aware and conscious about being positive and you may need to force yourself to read that first book but with time it becomes a part of you and you´ll be amazed at how your life changes.

Give these 3 steps a try for a couple of weeks and let us know by leaving a comment on our Facebook and Twitter account which step you found easier to follow and which one was harder for you and also why you think it was hard.

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