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What we eat and how much we eat both have an impact on our results

13 What you eat and how much you eat

Not all food is equal  we can divide food in three macro nutrients and there are healthy and unhealthy options in each of them. What you eat and how much you eat are both highly important for any fitness goal and for a better life.

Nowadays food is everywhere and the portion sizes and packages are huge so it´s not a surprise that we´re eating too much of the wrong food and it´s also not a surprise either that there are so many diseases that were uncommon years ago and I believe that many of this diseases are thanks to our unhealthy lifestyles.

We know that unhealthy foods have a negative impact on our health, they affect our mood, energy, focus, our feelings and emotions and the way they work on your body and brain make them so hard to avoid them, instead of limiting we eat more and more.

What you eat and how much you eat both have an impact on your fitness goals and your health, if you have a healthy lifestyle where you avoid sweets, junk, processed and fast food as much as possible, when you eat some of this unhealthy foods your body won´t get the same responds compare to someone who eats this foods on a daily basis.

Most of our diets are based on junk, processed and fast foods, companies make packages bigger as a strategy to sell more the “to share” only makes us eat more I´ve seen most people eating the whole package by themselves without sharing, if you buy some of this package make sure that you “share” with the people around you so that you don´t gain weight alone 😉

It´s so easy to over eat junk and processed food, but it´s so hard to over eat a salad or chicken, when you eat junk food you´re not giving nutrients to your body so your brain send signals of hunger until you give them the nutrients it needs so you´re not actually hungry your body needs nutrients.

When you change what you eat you´ll reduce the amount of food you eat at the same time, if you change your chips or cookies for some almonds or cheese you´ll end up eating less, if you change the pizza and macaronis for a dish cooked with fresh ingredient you´ll eat less. Many people don´t think that just changing fast food for meals cooked with fresh natural ingredients makes a huge difference and it actually does.

There´s no reason to follow strict diets when there are basic things that are more important and that have a bigger impact on your weight, your health and your life. There are so many guys and girls claiming that they have the best diet or fighting for which diet is better and they try to put you on a ketogenic or a very high carbohydrate diet. Let’s keep things simple, we all know which foods are healthy and which ones are unhealthy, the problem is why even when you know which are the best options you keep making the wrong choice time and time again.

So don´t overcomplicate things, don´t try to follow any strict crazy diet low in calories, focus on making the right choices, we need to cook more. Some years ago food was a way to keep family and friends together, they all cooked the meals and sit at the table to spend some time together, try to cook more, cook your meals or if you can´t cook go to a local restaurant, those small local cuisines that prepare meals every day with fresh ingredients are much better than fast food restaurants.

I’d love to see guys and girls cooking more for their families and friends and spending more time together eating traditional dishes to keep their culture alive. Avoid having sweets, junk, processed and fast food at home at the office, keep those foods when you´re out and for special occasions.

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