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What people won´t tell you about weight loss


Losing weight has become a common goal in fitness and even more in January, it´s a very common New Years Resolution and almost every year all gyms are full of people who set this goal, but most of them give up.

When you set your weight loss goal you think about exercise and diet, for exercise you think about cardio or aerobic type and maybe some light weights especially if you´re a girl and for diet you think about low fats, low carb and you stick to lean meats like chicken, some veggies and salads. Guys may think about going to the gym, lift weights and do some cardio and for diet they also go for lean meats, veggies and rice.

This is what the industries had made us believe even dietitians or nutritionist will give you this recommendations, unfortunately those recommendations or advices are not the best ones or the right ones if we focus on making your weight loss last.

There are some points you need to consider and most people in the industry won´t tell you about weight loss but if you want to succeed you need to know about them:

1.- It´s not about losing weight fast, it´s about keeping it off

Most weight loss programs, fitness experts and gurus will help you lose weight fast but this is a huge mistake. When you lose weight fast by following low restrictive calorie diets and a tone of cardio or aerobic exercise where you eat to little and you have just a few food choices you are not giving your body the nutrients it needs and you are doing a tone of not the best type of exercise you´ll lose weight fast, but you won´t be able to make those results last. Those programs do more damage to your body so it will be harder for you to maintain your results, you´ll need to eat less and less and exercise more, this is why most people gain all the weight back.

2.- It takes time and effort

Even when you can see amazing results in a months or a couple of weeks depending of how much weight you got to lose it takes time and effort. You do need to eat a little less, limit and preferably avoid some unhealthy foods and do some exercise (the right type of exercise, the right way). If it was easy then we all be lean. It takes time and effort from you but once you achieve your desired goal and physique it´s easier and enjoyable to maintain your results if you did it the right way.

3.- You´ll feel hungry

When you want to lose weight you do need to eat a little less so that your body can use stored body fat as energy, but this is just a small piece of the puzzle. I need to say that you will feel hungry but the type if hunger and the symptoms that go with it play an important role. You need to make sure that the hunger you feel is the right one and that you´re not having any negative symptom (we´ll talk about this on a future post). Feeling the right type of hunger is key for weight loss so you need to be mentally strong and lock in your goal so that you can reach it.

4.- There will be hard days

Weight loss is simple but not easy. Some days you´ll be completely lock in your goal and you´ll go through all the negative stuff with ease, you´ll be able to ignore the hunger and cravings, exercise, maintain stress low and get high quality sleep, this days are your best days and we would want to have only this amazing days throughout the journey but it´s impossible. You need to accept that you´ll have bad and hard days, some days you´ll have more hunger, some days your cravings will increase, some days you won´t feel motivated and with the energy you to exercise but those are the days you need to concentrate on your goal on a higher level, you need to get up and exercise, show up even if you don´t feel like it, on this days you may not break any record, your effort and intensity won´t be at peak but you will feel a sense of accomplishment after you´re done. If you made a wrong choice with your diet do not blame yourself, do not make that one single meal or one bad choice ruin the rest of your day. Just move on. Accept that there will be hard days and that you´ll make some mistakes but do not get obsessed with them, just move on and keep your eyes on your goal.

5.- It´s about developing healthy habits

Sustainable weight loss is about developing healthy habits. In regards to diet and exercise you need to develop the habit of doing some physical activity every day, working on your strength and adding some cardio. For your diets there will be foods you need to avoid because of the negative impact they have on your health and weight and you need to find foods you like. Your weight loss journey is not only a couple of months where you only focus on losing weight, those months are your transition from an unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle to a healthy diet and physical lifestyle. You are developing the habits you need to make your weight loss sustainable in a simple and enjoyable way during those months.

That you know more about what it actually takes to lose weight then you´re getting on the right track to lose weight once and for all. If you have any question or comment leave it down below and on Twitter so we can help you achieve your goal and improve your life.

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