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What is the best diet?


How many hours have you spend trying to find the best diet?

Many of us spend too much time searching for the best diet to achieve our fitness goal, and just a couple of weeks or days after we start following one we find another so we don´t stay long enough with one diet to actually see how our body responds.

The truth is that there´s not a best diet for all of us, not a single diet will work the same and will give the same results to 2 or more people, we´re all different so we need to find what works best for us.

Even when the basics of nutrition apply to all of us we still need to make some adjustments to create our own nutrition program.

The first things to consider is to focus on eating whole, fresh foods and eliminate or avoid unhealthy foods like sweets, junk, processed, refined and fast foods is the first step. Once we feel comfortable and we´ve develop the habit of eating healthy whole foods we can start making some adjustments to make our nutrition program better.

The second step is to decide which type of diet or which macronutrient ratio works best for us, we may want to follow a more balanced diet between proteins, fats and carbohydrates or we may want to follow a low carbohydrate high protein or we may want a ketogenic diet, for this we need to make the adjustments necessary and set macro ratios according to our diet.

For a keotgenic diet fats can go from 70% to 75% with 10% to 5% of carbohydrates and the rest of protein, or we can follow a modified keto where we can have 60% fats 30% protein and 10% carbohydrates.

We also need to listen to our body and be aware of how it responds and how we feel with everything we eat, for some of us our body can´t digest or use properly some foods including healthy foods, for example some people can´t digest properly foods like cauliflower which can cause bloating or other side effects or some people can get allergic response to some foods like dairy so we need to pay attention to this and avoid them. There are so many food options available from where we can choose from for each of the 3 macronutrients.

If we consider the function of each macronutrient the best diet is one that focuses on real, fresh ingredients and avoid all unhealthy foods (sweets, junk, processed and fast foods) if we want to go to a more restrictive diet then a ketogenic or modified keto. One that is high in healthy fats, with the right amount of fiber, moderate protein and low carbohydrates. This type of diet will help to lose fat and maintain a healthy weight if this is our goal.

It´s all about finding the best macro ratio for each of us, the one to which our body responds better and that we feel great and also being aware and finding the foods that make us feel great then we can find ways to cook those healthy foods in ways that make them taste amazing.

We need to make sure that the diet or nutrition program is one that we can follow for long periods of time, this includes going out with friends or family, going on vacations or a job meeting or trip, someone cook for us or we cook our own meals. We need to consider all this and think about if we´re going to be able to maintain it in the long run and realize that we can still have our favorite meals, dishes or cheat meals every now and then (if there´s a way to prepare our favorite meal and dessert we can enjoy it a lot more).

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