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Harmonize Fitness

What is stress?


Do you know what´s the number one cause of visit to the doctor or health practitioner? In must cases it´s stress.

Chronic stress is making you sick. If you live what can be considered a normal life then you are living with high levels of chronic stress without even knowing it, you may think it´s normal, you may think that´s how you´re supposed to live but, this is causing a lot of health problems mentally and physically.

From the moment you wake up until you go to sleep you are dealing with stress, if you hit the snooze bottom, by the time you get out of bed you may be late, then you may spend some time stuck on traffic to get to school or your job which cause a lot of stress especially if you´re driving, when you get to school or the office you need to spend time with people you don´t feel comfortable, people who make fun of you whether they are classmates or coworkers and working with a boss and teachers that only cares about results and the people increases stress.

Social media is also a huge problem, so many guys share pictures of them in great places and with a great physique and seems like their having a lot of fun and a great time and it´s actually the opposite, they´re looking for the likes and love on social media but they feel empty inside they´re not actually living the life they´re sharing. This creates high expectations and make followers think that there´s something wrong with them.

All of us can handle low stress and even high stress for a short period of time but no one can handle high levels of stress for long periods of time and when you spend most of the time stressed your body will get sick. Have you listened to the “fight or flight” response? This is your body preparing to either fight or run. If you are in a very stressful situation you may feel your muscles tense, and your heartbeat increases. Stress releases cortisol and adrenaline in the body, some people know cortisol as the stress hormone. When you are under stress your body prioritize safety so it shots down the immune system to conserve energy, when you are in a stressful situation your body uses all the energy it has to keep you safe, in case you need to run or fight it makes sure that you have all energy available to act and in those moments you are not worried about growth or recovery so the immune system shots down, when the immune system is off thanks to the stress hormones that´s when you get sick.

The problem nowadays is that most of us live with chronic stress, this means that we´re constantly triggering the stress hormones which keeps us aware in case we get fired and need to find a new job or in some cases we´re worried about being able to pay the bills. We´re also worried about what our classmates and teachers are going to say and think of us, we´re constantly scared of afraid about being bullied. So, with stress hormones elevated the immune system is not working efficiently and it result in illness, we get sick because our body is not able to grow and recover and it can´t prevent diseases.

When your body stays stressed for a long period of time called chronic stress is when a lot of health problems take place and you get sick, your body is not able to handle it. Some short-term symptoms of stress are headaches, lack of energy, weight gain, skin problems, digestive issues, bad mood.

Chronic stress makes everything harder and can develop bad habits, some guys start smoking as a way to lower their stress which cause a lot more health problems, it can cause overeating because some people go to food as a way to feel better, most unhealthy foods creates a sense of pleasure the same way alcohol and cigarettes do but they use them as a way to deal with stress.

We all need to find ways to deal with everyday problems, and stress the tricky part here is that those ways you find to deal with it are healthy and not hurting you more.

As you can see, we live with chronic stress and I consider this to be one of the 5 principles of fitness, the other 4 are nutrition, training, mindset and sleep. So being stress highly important I´m going to share with you everything I know to lower stress so that you can get in shape and sustain it but also to live a better life.

Understanding what stress is, the types of stress, when it is good or bad, how we can handle it are key to know how to respond to each situation and learn tools that help us manage it.

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