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What family really means

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For many of us family is everything but what does family really means?

Family doesn´t always mean blood and it does not end there, blood means that we are related, true family goes far beyond blood, it´s about love, appreciation, understanding, care, loyalty.

Some people think that only because we are related by blood or genes that makes us family, sadly this is not the case. We all have at least one “family” member who thinks that because we´re related by blood then we are family, but he/she never shows up, he/she is so busy and never has time for his “family”. In some cases, more often than not those blood related family are the once who cause more pain, the ones who doesn´t show up or the ones holding us back.

In some cases some of them think that only because we are blood related we don´t need to be there for them, that there´s no reason to nurture the relation or spend time together and that we need to give, give and give even when they never show up. Unfortunately, this is not true we all are responsible of making that family relationship strong by sharing moments and knowing each other, it requires time and effort and it most come from both parts.

Family can be those friends with whom we spend more time or those who we can´t see so often but we know we can count on them, the ones who show up in the most difficult moments of our lives just to be with us, to listen and to support us in any way possible.

Family is about accepting each other as we truly are, is about respect, honesty, loyalty, it´s about love and care and it´s not only saying them is proving and showing with our actions that they matter to us and we will be there no matter what.

Some of us have very few close people in our lives but we feel completely safe and comfortable when we are with them we can be who we really are, we can express ourselves without the fear of being judge, we can share our stories and goals without being criticized, we can have amazing times together and share joy and fun they´ll also be there when life put us down. Those few close friends are family and we need to make sure that we keep them close.

We talked in other posts about the importance of relationships and family must be our priority, we all have a small group of people who we know we can count on through thick and thin, in that group may be some blood family members and some close friends. We know that we can trust each of those people of our small group, we all trust each other, and we know they will be there when we need them. It´s better to have a small group of close friends with whom we share a deep meaningful relationship but who will stay together in every situation than to have a bigger group of people we know only to have a good time but who won´t show up when things get tough.

To create or develop a strong relationship with someone takes time and effort from both parts or the people involved, it´s something we need to be nurturing by spending time together and knowing each other.

Relationships matter, who we spend more time with or who we surround ourselves with have a huge impact on our life for positive or negative, so we need to choose wisely. We need to let go of negative people who has a negative impact on our life and nourish relationships with people who has a positive impact, if there´s someone who doesn´t support our goals or worse tries to pull us down we need to stay away from them even if they are close friends or we thought were close friends and even if they are family members and we need to spend more time and nourish relationships that help us grow and become better every day.

Do not let anyone make you think that just because you are blood related you need to keep that person close, if someone is hurting you in any way take them out of your life and surround yourself with people that make you feel great, people who really cares about you and the one who are going to be there for you no matter what.

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