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What does net carbs mean?


If you are one of those who are really aware of everything you are eating and you are more focused on macronutrients than just calories you may have heard or read about net carbs.

We know that not all calories are created equal, not all macronutrients are equal and there are also differences between carbohydrates. We also know that everything we eat has an impact on our body so if we have any health issue related to insulin and glucose levels then we need to pay close attention to the type of carbs we eat which is hard to do because there´s so much misleading information and it´s hard to read nutritional labels.

The type of foods you eat which include the type of carbohydrates you eat play a big role on how your body responds, it´s not only how much you eat but the quality of the foods you eat. They both matter.

Nowadays with so many of us looking for healthier options we can find so many healthy bars or healthy products with labels like high protein/low carbs, but this doesn´t mean that they are really “healthy”. There are some companies wanting to have an added value so they create products which are high in protein, low in carbohydrates and high fiber. This is a great strategy since we all know that fiber and protein are important but we know we need to keep carbs low especially when we need to have an eye on insulin and glucose.

As we saw in the importance of fiber post (click the link to learn more about fiber) fiber is a carbohydrates that is not broken down in the small intestine, it get into the large intestine where it is broken down by bacteria.

When we talk about net carbs it´s important to consider fiber because even when fiber is a carbohydrate our body can´t digest it so it doesn´t trigger insulin. So what you need to do to get net carbs is take the total amount or carbohydrates minus fiber, for example: if you have a snack bar which has 25 grams of total carbohydrates and 8 grams of fiber:

25 grams total carbs – 8 grams of fiber = 17 grams Net carbs

Those net carbs are the ones you need to consider because they will trigger insulin. Now there´s a problem with fiber, some companies use fiber sources that are not real or true fibers because they will trigger insulin, we will talk about this in other post to go deeper on which fiber sources are best.

High glycemic carbohydrates are most of the time low in fiber so when you subtract the total amount of carbs minus fiber you´ll end with high net carbs and it will create an spike in insulin, what you want is go for foods that have a lower glycemic index so that when you subtract the total amount of carbohydrates minus fiber you end with lower net carbs.

Now that you know what net carbs means which is actually simple you just need to understand the types of fiber some companies use and whether they can be consider as real sources of fiber that doesn´t trigger insulin or not which we will see on later posts.

There´s a lot of misinformation regarding to nutrition and fitness in general, you may get confused and overwhelmed with all of it so what you want to do is share with you the truth in a simple and effective way so that you can understand and apply all the information as it best serves you. We know it´s a lot of info but remember that you can come back as much as you need to read and learn more.

If you are starting your fitness journey and you´re looking for a simple step that can completely change your life just focus on avoiding all kind of processed, refined and fast foods and focus on eating whole, fresh foods like vegetables, fruits, meats, fish, nuts, seeds. All those unhealthy foods, we know which ones we´re talking about are the ones causing a lot of health problems so just by avoiding them you will see amazing results.

Let us know by leaving a comment on Twitter if you read the labels, ingredients and nutrition facts of the products before you buy them to make sure they are healthy or if you buy just buy the ones that say high protein or low-fat.

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