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Harmonize Fitness

What does it really takes to lose weight?


Our weight now is the result of our health, it´s the results of unhealthy habits and routines for almost all our life.

If you´re here probably it´s because you´ve tried to lose weight before and you´ve failed over and over. Don´t feel bad, it´s not your fault, but the choice to change that is yours so if you want to get to your desire weight once and for all there are some points you need to know and the first one is it will take time and the beginning will be hard. It took years to be where you are now so it will take some time to get to your goal, it may be 4 to 6 months or maybe 10 months, maybe 12 or more it all depends where you are now.

You need to put the time in, how much time you dedicate to your weight loss journey depends of how discipline you are, some of us are so discipline and get so into it that we make sure we have everything we need so that we don´t make any wrong choice. You need some time to exercise every day and if you are disciplined you may want to prepare your meals and that takes time too. You may not have time to prepares meals for a complete week this is why fasting is a great strategy because you only have 2 meals and if you can keep your diet as simple as possible for 5 or 6 days it gets a lot easier and you spend less time preparing your meals. For exercise you need to do resistance training 4 to 5 days a week, those routines take about 45 minutes and you also need to find ways to stay active throughout the day, the way to do it is by walking during phone calls or schedule 15 minutes after dinner and go for a walk.

Nothing worth having is easy, the strategies are simple, but you need to put in the work. When you´re exercising you need to give your all, you won´t get the best results if you only show up or if you don´t put all the intensity and effort in. You need to make all exercise challenging because that what tells your body to change, to get stronger, to build muscle, to get leaner. The same goes for the diet part, if you´re not all in and you have cheat meals or you eat more you won´t get the best results possible, you need to make the decision and commitment to improve your body, your health and your life and go all in, there´s no reason to do everything as best as you can one or two days and then lose all that progress in one day of binge eating and skipping your exercise routine.

What are you willing to sacrifice to achieve your goal? I´ve said before that weight loss is simple but it requires some sacrifices and that´s what makes it hard, most of us are so lazy, we want instant results without effort, we want to lose weight with the less work possible. Sadly this is not possible, from my experience the most difficult part is the diet because you need to eliminate completely all those foods you love, those highly processed foods from fast foods pizza, burgers, donuts, soda, fruit juice, cereal, waffles, etc. for a period of time. The problem is the addiction all this foods create and to break that addiction going to a really strict diet is the best option because after some days your cravings and hunger stop you also feel more motivated and with more energy. You´ll get to a point where you can enjoy your favorite meals, snacks or desserts every now and then.

If you do want to lose weight and keep it off while improving your health and the way you feel you need to focus on your target and be able to delay gratification, let go that instant gratification, that sense of feeling good now, sacrifice a small reward that will make you feel good now for a short period of time for a bigger reward that will make you way better for a longer period of time.

We´ve all been living a very sedentary life full of unhealthy habits and routines so the moment you start making changes to reach your weight loss you´ll go through a lot of up and downs, we have a bad relationship with food that needs to be broken, the unhealthy foods we´ve eaten almost out entire life cause addiction plus we´re going through mental and emotional stuff that makes it really hard to stay on track, these are the reasons why you keep overeating and eating those unhealthy foods you know you´re not supposed to eat. To end this as fast as possible you need to focus on improving your hormones and metabolism and this means following a strict diet plan for a period of time, but you´ll be eating foods you like and keep you full to make a little easier for you to stay on track.

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