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We´re eating too much of the wrong foods


The biggest problem in nutrition is that we are eating too much and we´re eating the wrong things.

Food is the cause of many diseases like obesity, overweight, insulin resistance, diabetes, etc; but we can use food to help us prevent some or a lot of them and this must be our goal when we´re looking for the best diet or what I consider to be better, a nutrition program that helps you achieve any fitness goal in the simplest way possible and that is healthy.

There are so many different diets with different macro nutrient ratios from high carbohydrates to ketogenics and all combinations possible but we´re missing the most important part, most guys and girls I see following any type of diet are still eating unhealthy foods and that´s the reason why they can´t achieve their goals and sustain them.

There´s no reason why you need to follow a strict diet it doesn´t matter if it´s high carbs, ketogenic, vegan when some or most of the foods you eat are processed and unhealthy and another problem is that most guys and girls don´t know portion sizes and portion control, if you have the chance to measure your food you´ll see how much you are eating, half a cup of rice is a lot less than what you think.

It all comes down to the types of foods we´re eating and the amounts we are eating, most of our diets are based on processed and fast foods and all this products are high in sugars and chemicals which create addiction this is why you can´t eat just one; most junk, processed and fast food is loaded with hidden sugars and tones of chemicals that your body doesn´t need, some of those ingredients are toxic for the body and it doesn´t know what to do with them, there are no nutrients and they´re high in calories.

Portion size is out of control, at least in America the portion sizes are bigger and bigger, companies make packages bigger and they sell them as a marketing strategy, you can see those big packages with a note that says “20% more to share” or “20% more for free” whichever the case you end the whole package alone (most of the times). Fast food restaurant also have their tactic to sell you more “for $1 do you want to change small size for medium?” and seems we´re hungry we say yes (at least me).

I´ve read some studies that show that diets in Europe are the healthiest and countries like France, Italy have lower heath problems, there are some things to consider here, they have 3 meals per day and no snacks, the meals they eat are cooked with fresh ingredients, they don´t consume too much processed foods, the portions are smaller and they do more physical activity. If you compare this with our habits in America or countries with higher health problems you´ll see it´s the opposite.

It´s so much food without nutrients, this food is everywhere we´re bombarded with publicity of so many different products and every time we go out on the street we´re bombarded with so many different products, it´s a battle between companies to sell and it´s a constant battle with your mind to avoid all of them and choose the healthiest option.

As you can see this is the perfect combination that leads to an unhealthy life and the reason why it´s difficult to lose weight, the solution is simple eat healthy meals prepared with real fresh ingredients, I´m not telling you to follow any diet which will make it harder for you just avoid those unhealthy foods you already know and eat a little less. The moment you start making better choices by eating real fresh foods you´ll eat less it is harder to overeat healthy foods because you are giving nutrients to your body. What you can do to eat less is to eat slower, this give enough time to your brain to tell you when it´s enough.

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