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Why weight loss and fat loss are not the same


After a couple years of being uncomfortable with the way I looked physically and having low self-esteem I decided to start working out and following a diet to lose weight, I even follow some traditional weight loss programs you can find on Internet and in all of them I get to a point where I give up. It was so hard to stick to the diet and every day it was harder to exercise, I wasn´t getting results so I lost all motivation. The moment I stopped following any weight loss program it was harder for me to maintain the results, I needed to eat less and I had to exercise a lot more, this is when I realize that something was wrong. At this moment I decided to take a couple of months to research, learn and understand everything I need about fitness and health. I started reading every book, magazine, article that I could, then and once I had understood the information I  use it to gain personal experience, to find out the truth about getting in shape, sustain those results and do it in a simple and effortless way.

If you are in this place there are some points you need to understand to get in your best shape once and for all and the first point is that weight loss and fat loss are not the same. Weight loss means losing body fat, water and muscle mass; fat loss means losing body fat, water and maintaining muscle mass. If you focus on weight loss and you follow any of the weight loss programs out there which are based on strict low calorie and cardio yes you will lose a lot of weight but it include fat, water and muscle.

You´ll find it hard to follow the program for a long period of time and when you stop you´ll see that it´s almost impossible to sustain your results, you need to eat a lot less and you have to exercise a lot more just to maintain or otherwise you start gaining weight fast.

The reason of it is simple, your metabolism is slower and you are insulin resistant. Slow metabolism means that you lost muscle mass so your body uses less energy for all activities. Being insulin resistant means that your body can´t use carbohydrates the  right way (there´s a lot more to know about metabolism and insulin but we´re going to talk about that in next posts).

When you focus on fat loss you´ll lose body and water but you´ll maintain as much muscle mass as possible or even gain muscle. Here you increase metabolism and improve insulin, your body uses more energy and it´s able to use carbs more effectively which make it a lot easier for you to get consistent results and sustain them.

There are so many weight loss programs that focus on the wrong goal, the reason is simple we live in a fast paced world, we can have almost everything instantly so when we´re following a weight loss program we want results fast and the industry takes advantage of this without considering the negative effects on health on the long run.

Weight loss is fast, unhealthy and unsustainable; fat loss is slow, healthy and sustainable. Even when fat loss takes some time it won´t take you that long, around 8 to 10 months is enough to get amazing results. Think about it this way, take Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve or your birthday as the day to achieve your desire weight and start following a fat loss program, don´t get obsessed with it. Time will pass anyway so it´s worth it that you use that time so when Thanksgiving, Christmas or your birthday arrives you look and feel a lot better. If you are going to put time and effort on your workouts and making better choices on your meals make them count by focusing on the fat loss which is what´s going to give you the best results.

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