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Weight loss is more a mental game


Have you tried a weight loss program and failed? or get some results but you couldn´t sustain them? have you ever asked yourself why you can´t make the right choices?

All of us know which foods are unhealthy and which ones are healthier options, we all know that to get in shape and lose weight you need to eat less and move more so why is it that it´s so hard to follow those simple rules? Weight loss is more a mental game, it´s the reason why you can´t stick with a diet and why you skip your workouts.

Food has a huge impact on your body and brain, when you are obese or overweight you may be struggling with depression, anxiety, you are lazy, you feel tired you don´t have energy and it´s hard to focus on things that matter to mention some issues. But I´m pretty sure that most of your diet is based on processed and fast food which makes you feel worst but also have a negative effects on your brain making it harder to lose weight.

The high consumption of unhealthy foods make you addicted to them by triggering the reward center of your brain which makes you feel good and it also creates a cycle of ups and downs in insulin. The moment you make the choice and decide to avoid all this unhealthy foods and start eating more healthy options your mind will fight you back you´ll feel the urge of having those sweets and junk food your mind will tell you that you need them to feel good and to make the challenge harder your mind will also fights to get you back because your new choices doesn´t feel familiar.

Our brain, mind and body loves the routine, every time you do something different it feels weird and your brain will make think that it´s wrong and yes, it´s wrong because you are not doing what you were used to do until it gets use to your new choices and they become part of your life, one simple thing you can do that will make it easier for you in the beginning is don´t bring unhealthy foods to your home and office, those include no sweets, junk, processed and fast food. You have enough unhealthy choices every time you go out on the streets so keeping them out of the places you spend most of your time will make it easier. How many times you are at home watching a movie and go for the bag of chips or cookies, how many times you are bored and go to the kitchen to eat something unhealthy like macaroons, how many times you feel sad, depressed or anxious and you go for a bowl of ice cream.

When you start exercising your mind will also fight you back, you don´t have energy, you are lazy, you feel tired, you are not in shape and your mind will tell you that it´s so early to wake up and exercise, it´s too late when you come home, you don´t have time to do it and many more negative thoughts, you need to get up and start working out, don´t let your mind and your thoughts control you, take charge of your mind, your body and your life. When you alarm clock rings get up, even if your mind is telling you to stay in bed, don´t listen to your mind get up and start your workout, do this over and over and over until working out becomes you new choice and your mind adapts to this new routine.

The steps for weight loss, getting in shape and sustain it are simple, what´s difficult is getting your mind on the right track so that you can make the best choices over and over again until they become part of our life, this new choices are new habits you new to develop to make your results sustainable in an effortless way. Changing your mind is harder and it takes time so if there´s a meal a workout you skip don´t get stressed out and blame yourself just move on, focus on the next meal and your next workout and do what you need to do. Prove your brain and your mind that you are in charge now.

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