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We can achieve everything we want

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What would you think if I tell you that we can achieve almost everything we want in life? Would you get excited and interested on how you can do it and why I said almost everything?

The reason why I said almost is because there are 2 variables we need to consider which are:

1. Control.- Is our goal or whatever we want to achieve in our control?

2. Effort.- Are we willing to work as hard as we need for as long as we need?

If our goal or whatever we want to achieve is in our control meaning that we can control our progress almost entirely throughout the journey, our end results and we are willing to work smart, to work as hard as we need for as long as we need then we can achieve whatever we want.

If our goals depend of some external factor we can´t control then there´s no need to focus a lot on them but in most cases when we set a goal or we want to achieve something the end results or whether we achieve it or not depends of us and our commitment to that goal.

For anything we want to achieve we need to make a commitment and keep ourselves accountable, when we set a goal most of the times we already know what we need to do and we know that it´s going to be hard, it´s going to require hard work and it´s going to take time, if we´re not committed and we don´t have a strong reason why we want to achieve it we will fail.

We need to have a clear idea of what we want to achieve and make a plan, almost everything has already been done so we can follow the steps of the ones before us. We already have a guide we just need to take that guide and adjust it to fit our goal and our life so that we can follow it, then we need to take massive action.

If we work smart by doing the right thing, if we work hard and do it for a long period of time we will get results and we will achieve our goal, self-discipline, perseverance and patience are key. For how long are you willing to work as hard as you can?

Having a clear goal with a clear vision in our mind of that goal achieved, an insane focus and obsession and massive action every single day is the secret to achieve whatever we want but not everyone will do it.

Many people will call us insane or crazy but if we want to achieve something worth having we need to own it, all of us want to achieve amazing things but most of us don´t want to spend the time and put the hard work so the ones who are not willing to work hard for long periods of time don´t deserve to achieve success.

Success is not for the lucky ones, success is for the ones who set clear goals, create the plan and work as hard as possible, success is for the ones who own it.

Are you ready to own your success?

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