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We all have a story

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We all have a unique story that makes us who we are and unique, no one has been through what we´ve been through, no one has had the same experiences, each experience is a chapter and all the chapters create our life.

Every one of us is going through their own hell or paradise and our story can help someone, have you ever read someone´s story and thought “that´s exactly how I feel” or “I can relate to that”, “that´s what I needed to hear”?

As I´ve said before our life is made of chapters some of them will be full of happiness, fun and joy, others will be full of sadness, failures and struggles but how we use each story is what defines our present and future, every chapter is meant to help us grow, to become a better person but this will happen only if we see it the right way.

Stories bring people together, when we go to the movies we expect to see a great story that keep us engage not only action, humor or terror. When someone is sharing their story and we find it captivating we pay close attention so that we don´t get lost.

When we live and exciting journey or moment we share it with our friends or family in the form of a story. The more we travel, the more we enjoy, the more we live the more stories we have to tell, we can inspire, motivate or encourage someone through our stories. Everyone of us can learn from the mistakes of others and it also helps to realize that life is not easy, some of us may have more opportunities than others but we all need to work hard and be patient if we want to achieve something big.

We all go experience the roller coaster of life full of ups, downs and turns each of us experience all of them in different ways and different times of our lives and in most cases we´re not prepare for every situation the only thing we can do is make our best when a new challenge appear. We do our best by remembering past experiences we lived personally or by remembering the story of someone.

In our stories there are more people to make each story complete, some of those people are good helping us get through a challenge while others are the villains, we need to make sure that we let go of people who doesn´t belong to our stories, someone who tries to pulls us back, who doesn´t support us, someone who is always criticizing, making fun of us and talking at our backs, people who is not there in our darkest times don´t deserve to be part of our life. There are also good people who show up in our darkest times, people who is with us in the best times and also in the toughest, people who support us they deserve to stay with us and we need to make sure that they gain more recognition because we can´t let them go.

When we own our story we gain confidence knowing that we´ve went through a lot so there´s hope, things will be ok.

Sharing our own personal stories has great power, it´s not only that people can relate to our story and even learn from it, it´s also to understand how we´ve become who we are today as a result of all those experiences.

In every story is a message that help people believe in themselves, trust themselves and empower them to start living the life they want, to take action and do what they love to do, to understand that we all feel fear, we´ve all failed but that´s what makes life interesting so they start living their stories and one day in the future they can share their own stories to help others.

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