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We all get rejected


How many times have you been rejected? Once, twice, more?

When we have an idea and we take our idea and share it with others hoping that they will gives us a chance to make that idea a reality we will get rejected, and it won´t only be one time, it can be 10 times or more, the bigger the idea the more we will be rejected.

Rejected can come when we got an amazing idea and we want to work on it but it also happen when we want to get higher, it may be a promotion in our job, wanting to be the leader of the team for the project, a raise, etc. When we ask for a raise or being promoted most of the times we will get rejected but we can see that rejection as a better opportunity for us, we create opportunities so if we´re looking for something better or to improve our life there are several ways to do it, it can be starting a side job like a blog.

We all have great ideas but many times things don´t work out the way we wanted, we work so hard on that idea and designing a plan but even with all that work and a plan that seems to be perfect most people won´t believe in us, they don´t think we got the talent and what´s needed to achieve a big project.

We can see rejection as a closed door taking us away from our goals, but in reality every rejection is taking us closer to our goal, it´s also an opportunity to find other ways, in some cases it´s not about wanting to open all doors, it´s about finding the right door, one that goes with our goals and dreams and that match our beliefs and values.

We can see every rejection as a step closer to our dreams or as a time to think about what we truly want, are we going to keep knocking on doors and getting rejected until we achieve our goal? is it really worthy? is the end results what we really want? if we´re not sure, if we have doubts then we may not be working on something we believe in.

If you have an idea and you know that´s it worthy it´s you responsibility to make that idea a reality, we have so many tools available to us that we can do almost everything we dream of so stop waiting for someone to accept your crazy idea and give you a chance, think about all the possibilities you got and start working on them, if one doesn´t work don´t give up just try another way, eventually you´ll make it.

If we´re sure of our idea and what we want to achieve, if we believe in it and believe in ourselves we need to find the right road, there are so many different ways to make our idea become a reality so if one way doesn´t work let’s try another one, we cannot get stuck in just one way and we cannot depend of others.

We need to start right now working on that idea, we have so many possibilities right now that waiting for someone to give us permission, to approve our idea we´re only wasting time, it all starts with ourselves so if we think we have a great idea we need to take action now. If we think something is important for us, we will act, if we don´t think it´s important we will leave it for later.

The most amazing people and minds that had lived get rejected several times, they built their success from rejection and failure and that´s what we need to do, fail over and over, get rejected several times and learn from that, keep adjusting our plan and keep moving forward.

We also need to realize that most people are more interested on themselves and they care a lot more about the numbers if they don´t see a benefit for them the answer we be no, there are so many closed-minded people that won´t like when we want to try something new even when our idea can increase the numbers. When we share our idea with someone who is more interested on the results, the numbers we will likely get rejected so we need to continue working on that idea specially if the end goal is to bring value to the world and help others.

It takes a strong mindset to keep getting up every time you get rejected and that is one of the benefits of losing weight and getting in shape. When you exercise every day you feel confident, when you eat healthy you feel great and when you get in shape self-confidence increases and all this develops a strong mindset because as in your weight loss journey you know that there will be failures and rejections but if you continue working hard, eventually you´ll get to that yes. So, don´t give up, keep working hard on that idea you have in mind and believe in yourself the same way I believe in you.

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