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What you need to know about types of stress

01 types of stress

Stress can be really dangerous and be the cause of a number of health and mental problems but it can also be helpful and in some cases necessary.

Not all stress is bad, there´s good stress and bad stress this depends of the type f it. First let understand what stress is, it´s just the way your body responds to different situation in your day. It can keep you alert in negative situation to avoid accidents this is called the “fight-or-flight” response.

There are 3 types of stress which are: Acute stress, Episodic acute stress and Chronic stress.


Have you ever ride a roller coaster or a crazy sport? That experience or feeling is acute stress, also the feeling you get the moment you get out of your comfort zone to start a new project. The deadline you need to meet for you project at school or work. That excitement, fear, anxiety, tension in your muscles are all symptoms of this stress. This one is short term and all of us experience it on a daily basis.


This one is when acute stress happens very frequently, people with this type of stress tend to be very negative in every aspect of life, everything that could go wrong always go wrong. They are anxious, angry, sometimes aggressive, impatience and it can be hard to deal with them, they´re always the victims of their circumstances instead of wondering why all this things happen to them.  The biggest problem with them is that they don´t realize they have a problem they´ve learnt to make this type of stress as part of their lives so for them it´s normal.


When stress continues for long periods of times it becomes chronic stress, it comes from constant demands of pressure every single day in school, jobs, families. this type of stress is so unhealthy that it can destroy our mind and body. When people feel so drowned in so many problems and they got to a point where they get overwhelmed and stop thinking about solutions, they just give up and surrender to stress, the biggest problem with this is that people get used to it, most of us live our lives with chronic stress and we don´t even know it´s there, we think it´s how we´re supposed to live and this type of stress is the cause of biggest health and mental problems that can end in suicide.

Stress is necessary and normal in our lives, we all need and want those short term levels of stress acute stress is fine and it´s easier to identify it, we also put some stress in the muscles and our body when we work out, it´s the stimulus our body needs to get stronger, faster and get better but if you overdo it you can get injure or you´ll burn out.

Nowadays most of us spend our lives with chronic stress and we´ve just learnt to live with it, this has became normal but it´s not, it´s killing us so we need to do something.

Now that we know the different types of stress we can start taking a look deeper in the reasons and how it makes our lives unhealthy and what we can do to live a lot better.

As you know now I believe that the 5 elements of fitness work together to help you live a better life so I´ll share with you in the next posts some steps you can follow to lower stress and that you combine with other steps for Nutrition, Training, Mindset and Sleep so that you see amazing changes in your life.  

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