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Training tools for muscle growth


If your goal is to build lean muscle there are some strategies that will improve your progress and results.

Building muscle takes time, we need to be patient but if we want to gain muscle while staying lean we need to pay close attention to our workout program, nutrition and sleep so that everything is working together making sure that we are able to gain muscle without gaining too much fat.

For training there are two training tools that we need to consider which are:

Resistance training

We know that lifting weights is key for any program and for muscle growth we need to focus on both types of hypertrophy (click here if you want to learn about hypertrophy) so we need to work on the 6 to 8 rep range with bodyweight and compound movements and we also need to add isolation exercises to work in the 10 to 12 or even 15 reps.

We also need to consider volume, since we are eating more we can add more volume to our workouts to give our muscles the stimulus they need to grow, if we combine both types of hypertrophy we will be working with enough volume and we also need to consider the frequency which is one of the variables of training, (click here to learn more about this variable) for muscle growth working each muscle 2 times a week gives us the best results.

Cardio training

Some of us hate cardio and as we´ve seen in other posts it´s not the best way to lose fat and of course we can skip completely for muscle growth but we can´t deny that it has amazing benefits for health and it can help us recover from our workouts so if you still want to add cardio to your workouts you can do 20 to 30 minutes of steady state. When our goal is muscle growth, I don´t recommend HIIT because it can impair recovery.

Another way we can use cardio is by practicing any sport, from soccer, basketball, boxing, swimming, jump rope. It can also help us burn some calories, so it gives us the freedom to eat a little more.

As for any fitness goal we need to make sure that we´re working as hard as possible in the gym, we need to make every rep count and every workout count, the more effort we put in every work the better the results, we need to give our all if we want amazing results. Remember that our results go in direct proportion to our effort, hard work and consistency.

When we combine both types of hypertrophy with moderate volume and frequency we got the right workout program for muscle growth but we can´t forget that our nutrition needs to be in point, we need to give our body enough nutrients to recover and grow. Exercise gives our body and muscles the stimulus to grow and nutrition give our body the nutrients to repair and grow and sleep is necessary also to recover and grow.

If we don´t get this 3 principles of fitness right we won´t get the results we´re looking for, I know it may be a lot of information but our goal is that you understand how things work so that you can design your own programs for any fitness goal, you can follow our Ultimate Muscle Growth program that we created considering the 5 principles of fitness and applying all the information we share, it´s all laid down there you only need to put the hard word and be consistent.

Since muscle growth takes time we need to focus on progress, we don´t want to gain as much weight as possible because most of that weight may come from fat and we don´t want that, progressive overload (we´re going to talk about this in a post) is a must for resistance training if we want to get the best results possible.

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