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Training tools for fat loss

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Have you tried any of those commercial weight loss programs? Did you get results? Were you able to maintain those results for a long time?

The truth is that those programs are designed to give us results as fast as possible without considering if it´s the best way to do it and it´s really hard to maintain the results. You may have gone to the gym and spend hours on cardio machines doing long sessions of steady state cardio of maybe you tried some aerobics class and ended up hating it.

Cardio is not the best training option for fat loss, yes it burns more calories while we are doing it but it´s not our goal. We want to improve body composition, we want to have the right amount of lean muscle mass and body fat so that we look great and for this we need to focus on weight training even when our goal is fat loss, the best training tools for fat loss are as follow:

1. Resistance training

We need to do resistance training meaning weight training at least 4 days a week focusing on maintaining strength so that we make sure that we maintain as much muscle as possible so we need to work with bodyweight and compound exercises in the 5 to 8 rep range.

2. Cardio training

We add some cardio exercise the 3 days left or at least 2 days a week to help us burn some extra calories so that we can achieve our goal a little faster. We can do steady state cardio or HIIT depending of our levels, if you are starting on fitness and you are out of shape the best option is steady state and then try HIIT, if you have been working out for some time you can go with HIIT which is considered to be the best cardio option for fat loss or we can combine both.

For any fitness program we need to consider our goal first and understand how stuff works, most people when they think about weight loss, fat loss or getting in shape is about cardio or aerobics, those are the first type of exercises that come to mind but as you can see we need to focus more on weight training otherwise we will lose muscle mass and look skinny which is not what we want.

Considering this 2 training tools for fat loss we can create a simple and effective plan that will not only help us get in shape but also will improve our life by increasing self-confidence as we get results.

For someone who hates exercising this can be the hard part because we need to put the hard work, there´s no other way to get in shape we need to exercise (we can lose weight with diet only but it´s not recommended) but following this tools we don´t need to spend hours in the gym, with 45 minutes we can get an effective workout we just need to make sure that we´re working hard, with the right effort without getting our ego get in the way.

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You can start today by reading all the posts you need and getting everything ready to start your fitness journey tomorrow, there´s no need to wait until next Monday or next Month or for New Year’s Resolutions, start today.

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