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Tips to fall asleep faster


Sleep needs to be a priority; we know that but is it easy for you to fall asleep fast or does it take so long until you can finally fall asleep?

There are different supplements you can buy that claim and promise to help you improve the quality of sleep and to help you fall asleep, but does they actually work? And what about the negative effects? I don´t recommend any supplement to help you get enough high quality sleep and to fall asleep faster (unless in certain occasions like jet lag) but there are some tips I can share with you to fall asleep faster.

There are several sleep problems that can be affecting the quality and quantity of sleep and also making it harder for us to fall asleep fast, we´re going to talk about this sleep problems on future posts because in these cases we need to take other kind of action.

When it comes to falling asleep faster and improving the quality of sleep most of us do not need to take supplements, what we need to do is change some habits or routines of our day that are impacting our sleep, the moment we make these changes we start getting benefits and the more we do them the best results we get.

What we do on our entire day has an impact on the quality of our sleep and how fast we´re able to fall asleep, our lifestyle plays a huge role on optimal health, what we do and don´t do are both important, we can´t just focus on doing certain things right we also need to avoid doing certain things in some cases just by not doing certain things that have a negative impact we can get amazing results.

Some tips you can follow to fall asleep faster are:

1.- Avoid eating 2 or 3 hours before going to bed, you don´t want your body to be working on digesting food.

2.- Avoid caffeine after lunch,

3.- Decrease blue light exposure or use amber glasses as the sun goes down,

4.- Make sure your room is dark.

You´ve probably heard these tips before but, have you tried them? They may look so simple but they´re actually effective, this tips help our body work more efficiently according to the internal clock of our body, when we reduce or block blue light and we make sure that our room is dark we´re sending the right signal to our body to secret melatonin so that we can fall asleep, when we avoid eating 3 hours before going to bed we make sure that everything we ate during the day is already digested so our body can focus on what it needs to do during sleep which is clean, repair, recover and grow. When we stop drinking caffeine at lunch, we give our body time to take it out of our system. With caffeine we also need to consider the amount, if we drink too much caffeine even before lunch it can have a negative impact making it harder to fall asleep.

Give this 4 tips a try for a couple of weeks and let us know by leaving a comment on our Facebook and twitter account if you find it easier to fall asleep or if you´re still having trouble.

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