Harmonize Fitness
Harmonize Fitness

Thoughts, emotions, actions. Are you aware of them?


Have you ever asked yourself it your thoughts, emotions and actions are related and what´s the job they play in living the life you want? Everything we do has a reason why, every choice we make, every action goes according to our emotions and thoughts, even if we think we´re being rational. Almost every single time we act according to the beliefs and programs stored in our subconscious. If we take some time to do visualization or affirmations exercises, they won´t be enough because the rest of our day our thoughts, emotions and actions do not go according to our goal. Most part of the day our thoughts, emotions and actions run our life that´s our subconscious.

You may have heard about the Law of Attraction and you may have tried it, did you get results? the problem with it is that it´s not complete, if we really want to attract something to us and live the life we want there are different points that we need to consider and our mindset is just one of them.

In order to attract what we want and improve our life; our thoughts, emotions and actions need to be in harmony, they need to be aligned and work together, the reason for this is simple, with our thoughts, emotions and actions we´re creating and sending frequencies and vibrations, if we think consciously about what we want but our emotions go against it and we´re not taking action towards that thought we´re sending different frequencies or signals. If we think and concentrate consciously on what we want, if our emotions go according to that thought and we take action to get closer to that goal then everything is in harmony.

More than 90% of our thoughts are repeated over and over every day from the moment we wake up until we go to sleep, most of those thoughts are negative about worry, fear, lack, anxiety so when we want to make a change and we start changing our thoughts consciously we can do it for a couple of minutes while we´re meditating, visualizing or doing some other exercise but for the rest of the day we go back to the same negative thoughts, those negative thoughts are beliefs stored in our mind from past experiences so what we need to do is change those negative and limiting thoughts and install positive ones so that those positive thoughts are the ones running through our mind over and over every day.

Apart from those positive thoughts we also need to be aware of our emotions, most of the day we are in a state of hurry, we get angry, anxious, we hate someone and even want revenge or vengeance but this emotions carry very low frequency so we need to change those emotions for positive ones that carry higher vibrations, emotions like gratitude, joy, love and we need to make those emotions the ones that run automatically without the need of being focusing on them.

Once our thoughts and emotions are working together we need to take action towards our goal, thoughts and emotions alone won´t get us what we want, we may live a more positive life but that´s all, we need to take action and for this we need to work backwards from our goal and create a plan of action that we can follow every day and it doesn´t need to be hard, with just one activity that we do every day in a couple of weeks the progress will show.

The hardest part here is that we need to sustain our thoughts and emotions throughout the day, the goal is to live with this positive thoughts and higher emotions but it´s so hard to do since we´ve been living with negative ones and lower frequencies so the moment we start to make a change our brain wants to take us back to a comfortable thought and emotion, the negative thoughts, limiting beliefs and low frequencies that it´s use to and the ones who are stopping us from living our best life, so what we can do is:

1. Right after you wake up take some slow and deep breathes, focus on your breathing,

2. Take a goal you want to achieve and create a vision of you already having achieved it,

3. Feel gratitude, joy and excitement for already achieving your goal and make those emotions as strong as you can,

4. Open your eyes and start your day but try to keep those high emotions for as long as you can for the rest of the day,

5. Do one daily activity that will get you closer to your goal.

The first days it will be hard to this little exercise but with time you will get used to it and you can do it for as long as you want, you can start with 10 minutes and you can increase time, 20 minutes work great. If you are consistent with it, you will start seeing results.

Our goal is to help you improve your life and we all know that if we want to live a fulfilled life, we need to take care of ourselves, this includes our mindset not only physical health. We need to develop the right strong mindset and make sure that what we think, what we feel and what we do are all working together towards the same outcome, otherwise we won´t achieve anything.

What we´re sharing with you may seem like a lot but it´s all about developing the right habits, once you´ve develop the right habits it will be effortless not only to lose weight and get in shape but to live better, all aspects of your life improve, just do the exercises and give it time to develop those new habits.

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