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This is what you need to start your weight loss journey


There are so many weight loss program, fitness experts and gurus, magic supplements all claiming that their program, their advice or their supplement is the best one, the one and only that will give you results, but weight loss, obesity and overweight are still a huge problem and it´s just getting worse.

Most of the programs and fitness experts and gurus focus on the most fa most famous advice we all know and I´m sure you´ve heard for weight loss: “eat less – move more”. It´s clear that this advice doesn´t help, in my opinion it´s not complete and here is why.

How can you eat less when you are hungry, and you have cravings all the time? And how can you move more when you feel tired and your body hurts? It´s clear that all this experts and gurus don´t understand how you feel.

When you are struggling with your weight it´s clear that your body doesn´t work the same way as someone who is lean or skinny (although being skinny is not healthy either). Your body is not working properly, there are so many things going wrong with the hormones and systems on your body and that´s why you can´t lose weight so even when you do need to eat less and move more there are ways to do it, those ways are going to help you improve the hormones and systems so that your body works efficiently, you improve your health and you lose weight.

All food has a different function in your body, even the healthy ones and all types of exercise send a different signal or message to your body so when someone tells you to eat less and move more they´re giving you incomplete advice and they don´t really understand how you feel and how everything works together.

To start your weight loss journey you need to begin with your mindset, here are the steps you need to take:

1.- Stop blaming yourself.- Your weight is not completely your fault, there are some mental and emotional issues plus marketing and addictive ingredients that are causing you to over eat so stop blaming yourself.

2.- Accept your reality.- You do need to accept that overeating and being obese or overweight is unhealthy and that you need to make a change.

3.- Realize that the decision to change is on your hands.- The only one that can change your reality and future life is you. You can take control of your life, it´s on you to make the decision and commitment to start making the changes you need to develop healthy habits and live the life you deserve.

When you´re struggling with your weight and you set a weight loss goal and start working on it you need to work on your mindset too or it will hold you back, you need to be able to see yourself in your mind as the successful person you want to be. If the mental image you hold on your mind of yourself does not go according to your goal it will be harder to achieve your goal. You need to create a mental image of yourself with your goal achieved.

Now that you know that mindset plays a huge role we need to talk about diet. I don´t like the word diet because it makes your brain think that you´ll be following a very restrictive eating plan low in calories and you can´t eat your favorite foods, you´ll feel hungry and you won´t like the food choices for a period of time. This already sets you for failure. We´ll talk about this on future posts for now here are 3 simple steps you can take to start improving your health and losing weight:

1.- Eat only 3 meals per day.- If you tend to eat 5 or 6 times a day or more, if you have breakfast, lunch and dinner and also snacks in between you need to limit the amount of times you eat to 3 meals per day. Just breakfast, lunch and dinner no snacks in between.

2.- Focus on eating whole fresh foods.- Eating meals cooked or prepared with healthy, whole and fresh ingredients is the best you can do, cook your meals with extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil, you can have eggs, beaf, meet, lam, pork, fish, tuna, salmon, turkey, vegetables, rice, oats, quinoa, beans, lentils, yogurt, nuts, seeds. Vary your food choices and if you have any allergy avoid those foods.

3.- Eliminate highly processed foods that contain unhealthy oils and trans fats, vegetable and seed oils are unhealthy and also the ones that contain sugar.

There are so many points and stuff we need to talk about nutrition and diet but we´ll talk about all of them as we continue sharing all this information and my opinion with you so lets leave it here for now.

Last, we need to talk about exercise. Since you may have been sedentary for some years you may feel tired and are dealing with different pains in your body so for the first 2 or 3 weeks just focus on the diet. In the third or fourth week you need to start doing some physical activity, here´s one simple step:

1.- Take a 10 minute walk in the morning before breakfast and another 10 minute walk after dinner.

As I mentioned before there are so many stuff we need to talk about but for now we´ll leave it here, this 7 steps will start moving you on the right track. You can start making the change you need today, if you have any doubt or question just let us know by leaving a comment down below and on Twitter, we´ll be glad to here from you and help you.

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